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Happy mother - happy baby

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In Psychiatry International Hospital Istanbul and International Polyclinic Etiler, the psychological support that the mother or the mother may need for a better communication and understanding of the anlay language ğin of the baby is offered by the expert psychologist. Psychologist Özden Dandul She invites all mothers who want to understand her relationship with her baby / child to these seminars.

: Could you please tell us about the happy mother happy baby project?
Özden Dandul: The aim of this project is to emphasize the decisive importance of the mother in the baby's emotion world and mental health, and to give the mothers the psychological support they need through these seminars…

The baby establishes his first important relationship with his mother. This relationship begins as the baby grows 'inside' his mother. In the womb, the mother is the only source of life for the baby. Therefore, naturally, the mother is the object of curiosity and admiration for the baby. In addition, the mother is not only the first contact of the baby, but also has a mediating role in the connection with the outside world. In this very intense and close relationship, the baby is extremely sensitive to the mother's emotional state. The mental state of the mother is reflected in her taking her baby in her arms, holding her, communicating with her while she is breastfeeding, how she soothes her when she cries, and in all her relationship with her baby. A mother who is nervous, unhappy, suffering from postnatal depression or angry cannot be expected to be happy and peaceful. For example, a baby who sleeps constantly in such a tense relationship and looks extremely harmonious and peaceful from the outside may actually try to cope with this tense relationship by closing himself in a sense.

Another point that is emphasized in this project is the very important role of infancy and attachment in our behavior and personality. The phenomenon of attachment plays an important role in many issues, from school success to future relationships. Attachment is the nature of the relationship between the mother and the baby. When attachment occurs, the baby is first acquainted with confidence. Feeling safe, the baby can gain self-confidence. Since the outside world consists of only the mother at first, the trust gained to the mother forms the basis of the trust in the outside world. However, there are some factors that prevent the mother from establishing a close, saturated relationship with her baby, although she loves her baby very much. For example, the mother's relationship with her mother, that is, her own attachment experience, is also effective in her relationship with her baby. In this project, happy mother is thinking about her babies together with mothers, and on the other hand, it is aimed to explore the variables that affect the mother's behaviors together.

: Who can attend these seminars?
Özden Dandul: All mothers who want to understand themselves and their relationship with their baby / child can participate. In fact, not only the mothers who have babies but all mothers and expectant mothers can participate in these studies, which I find more appropriate in terms of psychological support than the seminar. The group consists of mothers who have babies of not more than 6-8 or children of the same age and meet 6 times a week.

: What are the dates of the seminars?
Özden Dandul: We held our first seminar on 9 October.

: Could you tell us about the benefits of these seminars to mothers and children?
Özden Dandul: The aim is to enable the mother to explore her inner world in communication with mothers with similar experiences and to make her baby / child's behavior more consciously meaningful. In addition to exchanging information with other mothers, the mother begins to realize the factors that she has not been aware of but which affects both her and her baby / child by sharing her questions, anxiety, fear and expectations. The goal is not to learn what the mother should do, but to find her own natural method by knowing herself better. By recognizing the emotional factors that affect the relationship with the child, parents can establish a healthy and trusting relationship with their children.

: What do you aim at these seminars?
Özden Dandul: The most sensitive period in our individual history is infancy. Contrary to popular belief, this period is not the easiest, but the most turbulent. It also has a continuous and active impact on our behavior. Parents who deal with this awareness and awareness with their baby / child can deal with their problems in a less painful way. The baby / child will feel happier and healthier in the sense that he / she feels understood and thought.

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