Age of starting to speak in children

Age of starting to speak in children

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Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Language and Speech Therapy and Language and Speech Therapy Research and Application Center (ÜSESKOM) Director. Dr. Ahmet Konrot, the age of speech may vary from child to child, he said.Beware if you can not speak when you are 3 years old!Stating that the development of speech should be completed at the age of 2.5 Prof.Dr. Konrot: “If a child is 3 years old and still can't speak, this can be called delayed speech. If a child is 2 years old and cannot use individual words, the parent should suspect the situation. There may be a delay in speech. ”Talk to your child, read a bookStating that children learn the language and speech by listening to the language spoken in their environment and applying what they hear. Dr. Konrot advised parents: “This way allows them to acquire the rules of the language code. Language is not learned at once, settles over time, is acquired. How can parents help their children learn to speak? Talking to the child, reading a book. Not by asking the child to speak, but by encouraging the child to speak and making conversation fun farklı Different behaviors are expected at different ages. For example, a 1-year-old child should use one or two words, be able to follow simple requests such as 'come here', and be able to understand simple questions such as 'where are your shoes'? At the age of 2-3, he should use his language when speaking two or three-word sentences or asking something, and be able to fulfill two requests, such as 'bring the ball and put it on the table' at the same time. In addition, the child's speech should be understandable to both the family and those who do not know it. Each child has its own development. Belirten Dr. Rot When parents start to worry about their children's speech, they should receive professional help and should not be delayed. No child is small to get help. If there is a problem, early intervention is important. ”Hearing examination must be doneStating that hearing problems affect language and speech. Dr. Ahmet Konrot said, “Especially the first year of life is important for learning language and speech. Even mild hearing loss can cause them to miss the language and speech input around them, resulting in significant developmental delays. In particular, ear infections, frequent colds and other upper respiratory tract infection or allergy conditions are repeated frequently, families, children should take regular auditory examination by taking audiologists. Konu he said.The language and speech therapist can evaluate the language development of the childStating that there are physical reasons that cause language apology. Dr. However, language disability can be observed without any known physical reason, Konrot said. Professor Dr. “Sometimes children may not be exposed to sufficient language input to learn the rules of language. The child may not need to speak because parents respond to the child's signs and gestures rather than speaking. In addition, many language disabilities have no identifiable cause. A language and speech therapist experienced in child development can evaluate the child's language development and make individual or group therapy plans. Konu


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