5 gold suggestions for a happy marriage

5 gold suggestions for a happy marriage

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Marriage doesn't kill love! Would you like to capture a happy marriage that will last a lifetime with five happiness pills? If yes, listen to psychologist Cemre Torun Narin's suggestions…Mortality: You need to be attentive to your partner you see every day. It is very important to be cheerful to the wife, to ask her how her day is spent, to show empathy, to be respectful, to stay away from judicial criticism. But the touchstone, the sense of humor anız If you can turn a discussion into a positive one, if you are in favor of resolving disputes, if your criticism is not painful, if you don't complain all the time, your state of affairs is 'very good'. Don't underestimate the rule 'one negative behavior for every five positive behaviors'!Openness: It is very important to talk about the relationship and tell your partner how you feel. Openness can sometimes give good, sometimes poor results. The clearance and dosage are very important. If you're talking about a relationship until morning, it's not good either. When men talk about a relationship, they say, 'Is there a problem?' is worrying. Women enjoy talking. So openness can create different problems.Loyalty: Words and behaviors that express commitment in the relationship are very important. Do not be afraid to emphasize loyalty to the spouse, faith and trust in the future of the relationship. 'We will age together', 'we will have children, grandchildren', 'in the future we do, we do that,' people need to hear the cliché words. The most important factor after positivity is commitment. We're already getting married for life, but after a while, they're forgotten. In the course of life, people are far from expressing it. You can send small notes to each other, you can send messages. Don't say, 'Somehow he knows how loyal I am to him.'Social environment: It is a must rule that the family and common friends participate in the marriage. But that doesn't mean that the man and the woman hang out with their friends. (One of the most important things for a happy marriage is that the spouses are independent from their families. Especially the fact that men are separated from their families and become individualized affects their marriages positively. In addition, the formation of common friends, social common environment is very important.Sharing responsibilities: Sharing things that need to be done inside or outside the house is a factor that increases happiness. If the two sides feel that they are doing the work equally and on their own, this marriage definitely affects positively. Women are pleased that men do their part.


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