Together with your doctor, decide the way you are born!

Together with your doctor, decide the way you are born!

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The question of whether normal birth or caesarean section is one of the most talked about health issues lately… The rate of caesarean delivery is almost 100 percent in patients who are pregnant with IVF. Bahçeci Women's Health Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Bora Cengiz tells about those who are curious about the way of birth.

1-Is the mode of delivery for IVF patients only cesarean section?

Nearly 90% of couples living in this country and currently reading these lines have opened their eyes to the world with normal birth. (You can ask your mother if you don't believe!). Mothers who live at the top of the development index such as the United States and European Countries still prefer normal birth. This is not due to the fact that babies are not valued or cesarean in America and Europe, but the result of the vaginal birth that is the natural form of birth that should be tested. My dear readers and patients, you were valuable to your mother and father, it is widely accepted that all babies are valuable and unique. All babies are unique and can be maintained with normal birth. There is no difference in weight between “IVF” and “homemade baby ında in the value and importance scales.

2-More than 15 percent of deliveries in the hospital if the caesarean section will be taken to normal birth education of women births. Is this a 15 percent rule?

Managing life with certain rules improves the quality of life and helps maintain an atmosphere of peace and security. However, the situation in human health is slightly different. In health two plus two does not always (even never) four. You can prepare some guidelines (GUIDELINES, not laws, regulations or regulations) to increase and support normal birth. Indeed, the Ministry of Health has prepared a civil society with the world's most comprehensive directory of birth with the participation of related organizations in Turkey. It is possible to access this guide online. The aim is to increase normal delivery and to bring caesarean section rates to reasonable levels. Traditionally, if normal birth is at an average of 13-15% of all births, you are performing a correct birth follow-up and avoiding unnecessary cesarean section. However, I do not think it is practically possible to put such a quota in specialized hospitals. Specialized hospitals are the centers where the problematic pregnancies are referred. Problematic pregnancies (I keep the pregnancies obtained by IVF method apart from multiple pregnancies) are frequently preferred by cesarean section method. For this reason, caesarean section rates in specialized hospitals may increase two to three times the desired level. I would like to comment on how effective it will be in reducing the rates of caesarean section and putting quota and physicians who have exceeded the quota, or taking physicians into maternity education (which will be applied in specialized hospitals with high caesarean section rates).

3-Why more caesarean section in IVF? Could it be normal?

There is no justification for “IVF larda in cases where the mother and the baby require cesarean delivery. There is no suggestion that “IVF” is delivered by cesarean in the local and constructive education books we have read to date. Our teachers did not give us any advice that the test tubes would be delivered by cesarean section. I always tell my patients. Normal birth is “tried” and cesarean section is “done”. When normal birth is tried, approximately 1 in 5 patients will give birth easily. My American and Russian patients are more concerned about cesarean section. They want to know why. Our woman has been giving birth for centuries, and I believe that as the world returns, they can achieve it. Although European and American women do not see any harm in normal birth, such a trend emerged in our patients.

4-Does the number of patients who want cesarean even though the doctor directs to normal?

Unfortunately too. However, I think that the physician and the patient have equal responsibility when making a caesarean section decision. During my medical life, I have taken care not to apply any procedure to my patients. You won't harm your patient first. Caesarean section bleeding, incision site and other infections are about 50% more likely. When we look at the causes of maternal death, we know that cesarean section causes twice as many maternal losses in maternal deaths due to the type of birth. The role of the physician here is to provide the patient with the information in hand. Then the decision is made together.

5-If the patient's condition is suitable for normal delivery, who is the uygun final decision??

The patient has a say in the diagnosis, treatment and interventions to be done on his own body. You cannot perform any procedure without consent. This is clearly stated in patient rights. The task of the physician is to share the possible consequences and disadvantages of the decisions of the patient with the patient and to direct the patient to TRUE to make the right decision by illuminating the patient in the light of the education and medical facts. You cannot force a person who wants to be caesarean section by force. The opposite is true all over the world. We also know that the patient is expected to have a normal birth by knowing and consenting to the results of the so-called caesarean section. In the United States, some procedures have been tried to be carried out with the decision of the judge in cases requiring such medical urgency, but this method has been abandoned in most states since it is not a solution and sometimes even causes greater problems. You will enlighten your patient, get a second and third expert opinion, then provide the necessary information under the decision, sign your signature, and decide the way of delivery together.


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