Exercise makes kids happy

Exercise makes kids happy

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If you're not in this group, you're lucky. But that's how a large part of society lives. Although we say we try to do the best for our children, we actually prepare them for an unhealthy adult by condemning them to a still life. Sports Physician and Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialist from Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Dr. Tolga Aydoğ, told us the importance of sports on the health of both us and future generations. Exercise chocolate gives up happiness Everyone knows the health benefits of the movement. However, it is not always easy to bring the movement into life. In fact, Hippocrates drew attention to the importance of exercise as well as proper nutrition in order to be healthy. In the early 1950s, it was scientifically demonstrated that immobility increased cardiovascular deaths. Since then, scientific studies have shown that movement has a great impact on our health. Exercise, which is an important drug in the treatment of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, sugar and osteoporosis, was also revealed to be a sweet thing such as “chocolate“ which makes one feel good. In other words, exercise not only contributes to our body, but also to the protection of mental health and social development.
The life of future generations may be shorter than us Without physical activity, exercise and sport, health cannot be maintained. Today's people are expected to live longer than their parents, while our children and grandchildren, who are our future, are likely to live shorter than us. The main reason behind this situation is inactivity and the health problems that arise due to this. According to the data of the Ministry of Health of our country, 43 percent of all deaths in 2008 are preventable problems such as cardiovascular disease, sugar, high blood pressure and related brain hemorrhage and insufficient physical activity lies below 15 percent of all deaths. As a result, we, our children and grandchildren, not only lessons, schools, smoking and alcohol habits, such as bad habits, exercise habits should be very closely involved.Encourage your children to playAfter the children begin to crawl, they begin to move. After this period, it should be encouraged to play continuously and opportunities should be created in places such as houses, streets, parks, and if possible, walking and cycling should be preferred. Instead of giving them a computer and a telephone, they should be able to come together with their friends and play. It is necessary to direct the child who enjoys the movement to a suitable sport according to his age, physical environment, physical fitness and accessibility. However, it is important to remember that the sport you choose should be done regularly and regularly. For this reason, nursery schools, kindergartens and schools should be well evaluated, play games during breaks, sports should be done.Set an example for your children by exercisingToday, many families spend the weekend wandering around the mall or eating in a restaurant. In these meetings, children are usually asked to stay on the table by giving them phones and computers. However, these behaviors reduce children's playing and mobility. Families need to meet in places with more playgrounds, and they should also be an example to their children by exercising.


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