Tonsil surgery in children

Tonsil surgery in children

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The answers to the questions about the taking of tonsils that can cause chronic diseases by affecting the growth retardation, kidney and heart joints in children, which turn life into a nightmare when inflamed. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Cem directlywe learned tan…

Tonsils are defense organs that are bilaterally located in the mouth and function locally. The tonsils, whose task is to produce local defense cells that target microbes by mouth, can turn the flow of our lives into a nightmare by giving different findings when their size increases or they become frequently inflamed. Commonly inflamed tonsils can lead to growth retardation, chronic diseases affecting the kidneys, hearts, joints, and non-inflamed tonsils that reach the obstructive dimension, but can cause breathing stops in children (sleep apnea), snoring, bad breath, aggression, decrease in school success, and growth retardation.

How is it treated?Treatment in children with obstructive symptoms, such as sleep apnea (sleep apnea), snoring, bad breath, aggression, decreased school success, or growth retardation, or children who have had tonsil infections at least 5 times a year. is the removal of tonsils.When do you get tonsils early?Because of their protective function, it is not appropriate to remove tonsils except in special cases under 4 years of age. In which cases do tonsillectomy under 4 years of age?• If the child has a febrile tonsil infection at least 7 times a year, • If there are large tonsils that reach the obstructive size that cause sleep arrest, tonsil surgery can be performed under 4 years of age.How is the surgery performed?In the operation performed under general anesthesia, the child is fully anesthetized and does not feel pain or pain. Performing this operation with local anesthesia is not appropriate due to both patient safety and psychological effects. What is the Thermal Welding Method?It is the most commonly used method in recent years, with a special instrument with sterile disposable tips for each patient that allows removal of tonsils without bleeding during the operation. The most important advantages of this method are low pain, no bleeding and no suture. How long will you stay in the hospital? What is the recovery time?Post-operative hospital stay for about 5 hours. In the morning, the patient is discharged in the afternoon. One day after the operation, normal daily life is returned.How should postoperative nutrition be?Feeding is started 2 hours after the operation. Soft consistency foods are given. Puree, warm soup, vegetable dishes, fruit puree, custard and ice cream are the preferred foods. It should be paid attention that foods are softer consistency for 1 week.Does bleeding occur after surgery?There is almost no chance of postoperative bleeding, especially in operations performed by thermal welding.Does the removal of tonsils create deficiencies in the body?No, there are many lymphoid organs in the throat and upper respiratory tract that act as local defense, and they assume this task.What is the best time for this surgery?Tonsil surgery can be performed in any season during the year.

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