Hemorrhoids problem during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids problem during pregnancy

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Forty percent of women meet hemoid during pregnancy. Fifty percent of all people in the world suffer from hemorrhoids, either in the past or now or in the future. The treatment of this disease that does not kill but creep is now resolved in a lifetime of 10 minutes operation. Italian Surgeon Antonio Longo tells the curious about the subject.

The inventor of the PPH technique (Longo technique), a revolution in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Antonio Longo described hemorrhoids, the risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy and the precautions to be taken. Stating that increased blood pressure in the abdominal region during pregnancy leads to hemorrhoids, especially before birth. Longo says that surgery should not be performed during pregnancy. It is estimated that approximately 60,000 patients in Turkey and hemorrhoids PPH (Longo technique), the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital Dr. Cihan Uras is applied by many patients.

: What is hemorrhoids and how does it occur?
Dr. Antonio Longo This painful and painful disease known as hemorrhoids is a disease caused by the sagging of the breasts called hemorrhoids. The main task of these nozzles determines whether the feces coming into the anal canal are gas, liquid or solid. Unless hemorrhoids are treated, the patient may not be able to sit in advanced degrees, suffers from pain and pain, and encounters what we call anus wetness.

: Which stages of hemorrhoids are most common in women?
Dr. Antonio Longo Statistics show that one in three people suffer from hemorrhoids. In the world, hemorrhoids are proportionally seen in two men and one woman. Forty percent of women suffer from hemorrhoids at least once in their lives. Women who suffer from this disease at least once in their lives are first exposed to hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Therefore, hemorrhoids are very common in pregnant women. In some cases, hemorrhoids can occur immediately before birth.

: What is the most common cause of pregnancy and what should be done during this period?
Dr. Antonio Longo Increased blood pressure in the abdomen is the main reason for the increased risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Therefore, women should pay close attention to their posture, nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. I recommend that pregnant women, especially those at risk of hemorrhoids, do not stand too much and spend time in bed. There is also a posture I recommend to regulate blood pressure and relieve blood circulation in the anal area. Sheep in a lying position, pulling knees and elbows towards the abdomen, pulling the butt out and reaching out. By doing this exercise they can regulate blood circulation and is a relaxing exercise for hemorrhoids. The drug should not be used during pregnancy.

: Are there any precautions for hemorrhoids before getting pregnant?
Dr. Antonio Longo Young women who have had hemorrhoidal problems, especially in previous periods of pregnancy, should definitely see a proctologist before becoming pregnant. Precautions that prevent sagging that cause hemorrhoid disease can be taken.

: Is there any treatment during pregnancy?
Dr. Antonio Longo Operation or intervention should not be performed during pregnancy. However, if necessary, surgical intervention should be performed 2-3 months after birth. There are some things women need to be aware of during pregnancy. Most importantly, they should pay close attention to their diet and diet. They should consume plenty of water and fluids and exercise. One thing I would recommend for women who suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to sit in warm water for 10 minutes or take a warm bath. One of the first causes of hemorrhoids is stress and the muscles in the anal canal contract due to stress and hemorrhoids are formed. It is very important to relax and relax these muscles, in this respect, I recommend pregnant women to sit in warm water or warm bath.

: Can PPH (Longo technique) be used for hemorrhoids during pregnancy?
Dr. Antonio Longo As I said, hemorrhoids can be intervened 2-3 months after birth, and if surgeon considers it necessary, PPH is the best solution.

: Do you recommend a normal birth or caesarean section for women with hemorrhoids during pregnancy?
Dr. Antonio Longo If there is a serious hemorrhoid disorder during pregnancy, I would suggest delivery by caesarean section. I advise women who have hemorrhoids problems especially during pregnancy to give birth in water. It will be easier and more beneficial for women with hemorrhoids as it relaxes the muscles and body in water.

: Does this type of disturbance occur in children?
Dr. Antonio Longo Rectal disorders are not encountered in children, but not hemorrhoids. There is no need for surgical intervention in children. Many of his illnesses are probably psychological.

: What is PPH (Longo technique)?
Dr. Antonio Longo PPH (Longo technique) is the removal of the hemorrhoid breasts hanging out of the rectum by an operation performed in the numb area (no nerve endings) of the anus and returning to the old anatomical structure of the region. In conventional (conventional) procedures, hemorrhoids are removed by cutting the breasts and open wounds occur. It is these open wounds that cause pain and pain. With our operation with PPH, these nozzles are pulled up and returned to their previous functions. While the operations performed with conventional methods last 50 minutes, this time goes down to 10 minutes with PPH technique and you can return to normal life after 5 days.

: What are the advantages of PPH technique?
Dr. Antonio Longo

- You only have one day in the hospital.
- Postoperative pain is very low.
- You can continue your daily life quickly.
- Postoperative care is less.

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