Animals accelerate child development!

Animals accelerate child development!

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Did you know that animals accelerate the development of your child? Agog Loving animals, loving them, taking care of them, taking responsibility for their care, support your child's development in many developmental areas and help him to gain skills and strength in areas where his child is weak, Ped says Pedagogue Sevil Gümüş.

There is no educational material so that the child can address and develop all areas of development at the same time… The only thing that teaches children everything: “animals”. Agog Animals contribute to the emotional, social, physical and mental development of children as follows: agog

Mental development: The animal world is diverse and rich. Each animal has different colors, features, shapes and children love to discover them. In these children, research, analysis, category making, relationship building, problem solving and so on. Helps the development of skills.

Emotional and Social Development: Children eyes animals communicate with each other, they are happy, sad eyes. So he learns to be more sensitive to the needs of his friends. In addition, taking care of an animal develops a sense of responsibility. The child who takes responsibility and performs them is proud of it and increases his self-confidence.

Language development: Talking about animals is one of the most entertaining topics for children. Children talk about animals and have the chance to communicate with their peers. These chats help children make friends because there is much to talk about animals. If a child feeds pets; telling her friends how she looks at her, what she's doing with her improves her speaking skills and vocabulary.

Physical Development: Children love to imitate animals and jump and jump while imitating them. It helps in the development of large and small muscles.

The effect of pets on children with examples

It is quite difficult to feed pets in big cities. But remember that enduring this challenge for your child will benefit your child countless. “Now I want to explain these benefits in detail and make suggestions. Sev Sevil Gümüş says:

Fish, Hamsters, birds are ornamental animals. The child is not in much contact with these animals. But rather than having no animals at home, it would be beneficial to have them. Dogs, cats, dogs are friendly animals. Children can hold these animals in their hands, love them, and see them as an emotional bonding partner. For this reason, it is better to choose the soldering iron. I would like to share with you the effect that a baby rabbit has in a day on kindergarten children. When you learn the impact of a baby rabbit on children in a day, you can imagine what effect it will have for 6 months.

The first physically strong but thin muscle development was not developed; I want to talk about a child with poor empathy and social skills. When I gave the rabbit to this child, he couldn't hold it right and hurt the rabbit. Then I ben If you hold it like this, you have to be more gentle. He's just a baby bunny. Göster I showed him how to hold it. The child's hands were very strong and he didn't realize that he was hitting his friends and hurting his friends without realizing his strength. After playing with the rabbit several times, this child learned to hold and be more careful. That day he treated his friends more calmly. They only happened in one day. Having a rabbit in your house for even a few weeks will allow your child to travel a lot. ”


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