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Gamze Akbaş, who was diagnosed with leukemia about 2 years ago and shaken hearts with a letter he wrote to his 3-year-old Atakan before going to hospital to fight recurrent disease after self-stem cell transplantation, continued chemotherapy treatment on the one hand and screening studies for finding the appropriate donor. driving in full swing. However, some media reports that 'there are appropriate donors', has raised concerns that cut applications for donations.

His family and Gamze thanked the sensitivity shown and emphasized that the donations should continue. Dokuz Eylül University Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Mehmet Ali Özcan pointed out that the evaluation of the appropriate donors has not been completed yet.


Gamze Akbaş stated that if there was an appropriate donor, he would definitely share it with the public and his hopes increased with the increase of blood donation for bone marrow and he thanked the support given very much. In her message to thousands of followers over the internet, Gamze said, “Now I opened my eyes a bit, I looked at the post. If God was found, why hide? This time we shed tears of joy all together. ”


Gamze's father İbrahim Canseven said, “Certainly not a donor was found. Our search continues. Gamze's wife, Emrah Ankara University Ibni Sina Hospital Professor. Dr. Meral Beksaç met with the teacher. He said, 'There is no such thing.' We want this sensitivity to continue. Because maybe Mary's marrow suits someone to donate. We didn't lose faith. We look forward to hope. ”

Canseven, the subject is on the agenda sometimes stating that information pollution can be experienced by those who want to get the right information Gamze'yi can follow the internet, they can reach them if necessary, he added.


The first diagnosis of Gamze's disease Dokuz Eylül University Hospital Chief Professor. Dr. Mehmet Ali Özcan said, tarama Screening continues to find the appropriate donor. There's no such thing as being found right now. The system is running. In the statements made to the press, they meant the results of the evaluation which would provide potential harmony. In other words, preliminary information about potential donor donors is provided. Further assessments are needed to determine eligibility. We have reached the 'donor found' no information, ”he said.

Professor Dr. Özcan also, Gamze'nin reminding that the end of the first chemotherapy cure treatment in the following response to the positive, said the patient's condition is good.


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