Beware of coughing that lasts more than 3 days!

Beware of coughing that lasts more than 3 days!

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The cause of cough should be investigated wellCough is one of the reasons why children are taken to a doctor. It has a negative impact on the quality of life of the child and his family. It is not a disease but a reflex mechanism used for cleaning the airways. The foreign substances in the respiratory tract and the substances formed during the infection try to be thrown out with the cough reflex. There are many reasons that can cause coughing. Even healthy children may occasionally cough during the day. Cough caused by upper respiratory tract infection is common in children.Cough pattern varies from disease to diseaseCough can be a sign of many diseases. When investigating the cause, time of onset, shape, presence of fever and vomiting, relationship with nutrition, presence of sputum, family history of asthma, tuberculosis and passive smoking are questioned. The duration and shape of the cough is important in determining the cause. Dry, sputum-free cough that occurs at night is usually due to viral upper respiratory tract infection or allergies. Nasal discharge, sinusitis and gastroesophageal reflux-related coughs begin immediately after the child falls asleep. Exercise, movement, laughing and crying and increased cough indicate asthma. Coarse, muffled, bark cough is seen in the croup. Noisy, metallic cough can be an indicator of respiratory infection called tracheitis. In whooping cough, the cough is seizure-like and screams. Pneumonia (pneumonia) and tuberculosis cough is dry. Cough is sputum in lung diseases such as bronchiectasis, lung abscess, cystic fibrosis.Abundant fluid consumption and good nutrition are importantThe most common complaint accompanying cough is fever. Cough and fever are indicative of respiratory system infections. Influenza infections, sinusitis, nasal flesh infection, bronchiolitis and pneumonia (pneumonia) frequently cause fever and cough in children. If you have a fever that lasts more than 3 days with cough, rapid breathing, wheezing during breathing, bruising of the lips, drowning cough, and then vomiting, consult a doctor. With a good history, detailed physical examination and appropriate tests, the cause of cough can be found and treated effectively. A child with a cough will consume plenty of fluids and eat well to accelerate healing. It is important to keep the room air moist and prevent it from being exposed to cigarette smoke.

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