Children with asthma and the uniqueness of the air conditioner

Children with asthma and the uniqueness of the air conditioner

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Protects against pollen allergyParents in particular are concerned about operating the air conditioners. Families with children with allergic diseases such as asthma, allergic flu and eczema are even more afraid of the air conditioner. In children with asthma, allergic rhinitis and eye allergies, air conditioning can be harmful or beneficial. It can have beneficial effects, especially for children with pollen allergy. Because keeping the window closed during the pollen period, not opening the window in the car protects against pollen allergy. With Hepa filter air conditioners, we can prevent pollen from entering the house and into the automobile and can be protected from pollen. However, air conditioner filters should be cleaned periodically or self-cleaning features should be preferred. Otherwise, due to excessive humidity in the air conditioner, mold and house dust mites will accumulate in the air conditioner and these allergens will enter the room. This will exacerbate the disease of children with asthma and allergic flu.Children with asthma should stay away from the air conditionerChildren with asthma and allergic flu should not stay under air conditioning. Otherwise, extreme cold air may cause lung injury and cause coughs that do not improve. In addition, asthma children prone to pneumonia and children with allergic fever prone to sinusitis can be more easily caught with pneumonia and sinusitis. Legionella pneumophila in the air conditioner tends to be germ. For this reason, air conditioning cleaning is important.Beneficial to eczema if controlledIt can be useful in children with eczema because it cools the air. Eczema is dry due to excessive water loss from the skin of children. Therefore very hot weather and sweating will further increase itching. However, you should not sleep under the air conditioning too exaggerated. Children with eczema are very likely to develop house dust allergy. Air conditioning cleaning is again very important, as mold allergens and house dust mites tend to accumulate in the air conditioner. As a result, air conditioners can be beneficial in allergic diseases if used correctly, but they can be harmful as a result of misuse. Especially in children with allergic diseases and those with allergies, it is very important to choose air conditioners with hepa pollen filter and self-cleaning feature from microbes. In addition, not to stay under the air conditioning too will prevent permanent damage to the lungs

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