Does the flu outbreak pave the way for pneumonia?

Does the flu outbreak pave the way for pneumonia?

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sixth leading cause of death in the UK and the US, it is defined as the ilthaplan In Turkey ranks the fifth pneumonia, lung tissue. Many microorganisms, especially bacteria, can cause pneumonia. In addition to infants and children, pneumonia, which is an old and chronic disease, is more common in adults and can be more severe and fatal.

In order to draw attention to pneumonia, the last week of November is accepted as the esi Prevention of Pneumonia Deaths her week. Dr. Dr. Kemal Tahaoglu, sugar, heart, lung, kidney, brain, muscle and some blood diseases such as chronic diseases and immunosuppressed people with pneumonia is in the risk group in terms of stresses.

Influenza outbreaks that prepare the ground for the formation of pneumonia, Assoc. Tahaoğlu, influenza virus after the actual cause of death after pneumonia or pneumonia after the flu with bacteria developing, he says.

It is very important not to be late in diagnosis

Asserting that the most important symptoms of pneumonia suddenly occur, fever rising with chills, Assoc. Dr. Tahaoğlu, "patients with side pain, cough, rust-colored sputum can complain," he says.

Alcohol and cigarette smokers, the cause of large and long-term hospitalization of pneumonia at the end of surgeries that increase the frequency of attention also pointed out Assoc. Dr. Tahaoğlu emphasizes that the most important point in pneumonia, which will result in death, is not to be late in diagnosis and to start appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Vaccine for protection!

Vaccines also play an important role in the prevention of pneumonia. Kemal Tahaoğlu, pneumonia risk group and over 65 years of age in individuals with pneumonia vaccine to be recommended every 5 years.

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