What is the sugar loading test during pregnancy?

What is the sugar loading test during pregnancy?

disease is caused by a high blood sugar level.
Disease. You may have diabetes before pregnancy. But some
pregnancy can occur in women after pregnancy. It is gestational
called diabetes. If the mother has already had diabetes,
more difficult to control blood sugar levels during pregnancy
be able to.

What is pregnancy sugar? How does it come about? Pregnant mother before pregnancy
increase in blood sugar levels during pregnancy without diabetes
can. This is the precursor of pregnancy sugar. To determine this problem
Sugar, also known as the sugar water test, carried out between 24 and 28 weeks
loading test is done. This test determines the pregnancy sugar.

loading test should be performed between 24 and 28 weeks. The stages of the test are
The mother is given 50 g of glucose first, then one hour
then the blood sugar level is checked. When this ratio is determined
convinced that if the sugar level is below 140 mg / dl, there is no pregnancy sugar.
Brought. Otherwise, that is, the blood sugar content of the specified value
If it is above 100 g, the test is repeated with 100 g of glucose for 3 hours. 3
whether or not there is pregnancy sugar after hourly loading
verdict Excessive physical activity after the mother's test
must avoid. It should also not eat anything during the test.
However, under these conditions, the sugar loading test can give accurate results.

When you find out that you are exposed to pregnancy sugar as a result of the loading test
What dangers await you. Diabetes is present before pregnancy
or if it occurs during pregnancy, it is a risk for both the mother and the baby.
If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels during pregnancy
regularly. Diabetes during pregnancy
risks are less than in diabetes before pregnancy. But
It is necessary to determine the sugar loading test and go to the treatment process.

control of blood sugar levels and risk
sugar loading test is very important in terms of determination. Both
the presence of diabetes before pregnancy as well as the sugar formed during pregnancy.
Disease carries risks to guide pregnancy. These are determined and
and the sugar loading test. So your pregnancy
Be sure to have a sugar loading test between the 24th and 28th weeks.