Loss of one twin pregnancy

Loss of one twin pregnancy

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In multiple pregnancies of candidates, twin pregnancy is the most common pregnancy.
Twin pregnancy is a very common condition where 80% of pregnancies are twin
It is pregnancy. One of the main reasons for this situation is the tube
baby treatment.
areas and especially in vitro fertilization studies.

One of the twins dies

Pregnant mothers with twin pregnancy
In 5%, one of the twins dies in the womb. of twins
the death of someone can also pose a risk to your healthy baby.
In such cases, it is up to you to decide whether or not the birth is done immediately.
It can be quite difficult, the instructions of your doctor and the baby who remains healthy
factors such as completion or failure of the development determine the decision. Twin
one of the babies dies, healthy baby is born instantly
do not move. In general, however, healthy and alive baby twins
As it is in danger, it is preferred to be born without wasting time. Double
in twins, the healthy baby is less dangerous because birth
time can be extended a little more. In such cases fetal
reduction is applied.

What does fetal reduction mean?

3 or more multiple pregnancies and
death, risk of premature birth.
interventions performed by doctors are called fetal reduction. This
ultrasound control is performed before the intervention. In this check
potassium chloride is administered to the heart of one or more of them. Needle
and the fetus of the deceased
disappeared. This application to one of the twins or multiple pregnancies
to other babies, there is no negative condition.

Of course, 5% of all these applications
risk may also occur.

When should fetal reduction be performed?

The best time for this app is 11 and 12.
weeks. Why are 11 and 12 weeks? Because this practice is earlier
which may develop and end on its own.
expectation of pregnancy will be intervened. This is not preferred.
If one or all of the babies have a problem later on
and if they are unable to hold on to life, this is compulsory.

As we have always said, expectant mothers
In small cases, we recommend that you consult your doctor immediately. We wish the plural
Your pregnancy is happy with all your baby being healthy.


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