Is it necessary to use vitamins during pregnancy?

Is it necessary to use vitamins during pregnancy?

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Paying attention to your diet during pregnancy provides a healthier and better process for both you and your baby. For this reason, you should use vitamin pills as supplements along with nutrients during pregnancy. However, this is not your wish, but your doctor advised you to supply, you should start to use regularly.Folic acid during pregnancy is one of the most important needs of the baby. We can provide all vitamins and minerals except folic acid only from the foods we consume. For this, it is enough to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. In general, every expectant mother should use iron pill in addition to using folic acid pill. However, depending on the specific situation of some mothers to use certain vitamins and minerals as pills, the baby's development and will be beneficial for the health of the expectant mother. In addition to the pill, you should consume foods containing the natural form of folic acid. This; green leafy vegetables and whole wheat bread can be consumed by consuming foods such as iron pill. Iron deficiency causes anemia in the body and anemia causes the expectant mother to get tired more quickly. Red meat, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits and nuts can eat your iron deficiency. However, in order to ensure this situation during pregnancy, it is safer and safer to use an iron pill that your doctor recommends. In addition to the use of folic acid and iron pill, another important mineral is; Calcium. Calcium plays a major role in your baby's bones and teeth. For this, dairy products and fishy edible fish are among the richest sources of calcium. Instead of acting on your own for vitamin support for pregnant women, you should definitely contact your doctor; it will be better for you and your baby. If you are vegetarian, you may be experiencing iron and vitamin B12 deficiency during pregnancy. If you are vegan at the same time, you should ask your doctor for advice.

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