Belly after pregnancy

Belly after pregnancy

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then, the appearance of the belly can disturb the expectant mothers.
even though it comes out from the inside, the belly is still swollen.
In addition to this appearance, some women
dark lines remain true. Cesarean section
stitch marks along with the line are also visible.

The most time-consuming recovery is unfortunately the abdominal region. your body
cells expanding during pregnancy, sweat from excess fluid and through urine
throws. In fact, your baby during the period of breastfeeding during the surplus
you also throw away your fats.

your belly lines and stretch marks for a long time with you
remain together. Cracks are reduced to a maximum of one year.
But these traces disappear slowly after 1 year, but they disappear completely.
You can get up.

your belly
During this period you want to get rid of, it is very important to be patient. In normal birth
It takes 9 months for the abdomen to recover.

your belly
how much weight you gained during pregnancy and your genes.
It is relevant. Exercise during pregnancy, weight gain of less than 14 kilos and
duration is faster than other women. In breastfeeding mothers,
to restore weight should pay attention to what they eat.

helps the mother to lose weight as well as the uterus
contraction and contraction.

care and breastfeeding
you can say goodbye to your weight more quickly. Yoga for women in labor
or you can start by hiking.

your belly
exercises such as fitness and aerobics. Such
whether your body can handle them before starting the exercises.
you must be sure.

women need more effort to get rid of this belly. This
The condition is usually seen in women who have multiple pregnancies.

1500-2500 per day in order to maintain a healthy weight
they need calories. That means half a pound a week. To do this
to reduce what you eat, you need to increase your activities.
It is not healthy to lose more than half a kilo per week. This situation
you may experience fainting, weakness and changes in your mood.


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