Back pain before pregnancy

Back pain before pregnancy

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Mother with back pain in pregnancy
is a problem seen in eighty percent of candidates. Before pregnancy, this
pains begin in the lower parts of the waist and as one of the symptoms of pregnancy
It is shown. Most women in the early stages of pregnancy, back pain
due to panics. In fact, this is a situation you need to worry about
however, it is a sign of extremely normal pregnancy. First pregnancy
There are multiple causes of back pain experienced during the postoperative period.

The first reason for this
excessive stretching of fibers. This condition will take place after a while.
occurs during a period of self-preparedness for growth.

Another cause of back pain
de, the center of gravity of the body develops forward. Such an
In case, the mother's posture, back pain that may occur over time
This will result in a change to investigate.

Excess weight in the body to these pains
The reason is the fact. Pregnant mothers to lose weight before pregnancy
This is one of the reasons for warnings. Because of the back
function supports the increased weight of both the baby and the expectant mother.

Women in the process of pregnancy, urinary tract
infection. Urinary tract infections, early
It causes back pain during pregnancy.

Hormones of the mother during pregnancy
leads to a number of weaknesses in the body. Weak fibers, joints
becomes weaker. These changes are also seen in the growing baby.
to ensure the harmony of the body.
The loosening of the fibers and weakening of the joints also cause back pain.
brings along.

Mother's swelling belly and
The body tends to lie forward or backward due to its weight. In this case
It causes bad posture in mothers. This posture disorder also causes back pain.
It is triggered.

In addition, the mother
stress reacts not only psychological but also physically. experienced
stress stimulates the pelvic area of ​​the body, causing pain in the back and waist.


Prefer orthopedic or hard beds
Check. Always get support when getting out of bed.

Do not sit on soft seats.

Reaching upwards to get something
The trial.

Yoga during pregnancy, back and waist
will be very good for your pain.

When you are sitting, your waist

Prefer orthopedic shoes.


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