Throw edema from the body after pregnancy

Throw edema from the body after pregnancy

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it is inevitable that a woman will have problems with edema and swelling after childbirth.
It is the case. When your belly comes down and you hold your baby
you think you will lighten. But unfortunately
during the first 40 days you will feel tired and heavy. Too much pregnancy
If you have not gained weight, your swelling and weight will be normal. In this way
It is more comfortable for 40 days.

You have heard of positive effects on the mother. It is very effective in losing weight.
Returning to the prenatal status of women who breastfeed their baby for the first 6 months
more quickly. So the easiest way to get rid of swelling during pregnancy
The way is to breastfeed.

your body
Do not forget to drink plenty of water to get rid of edema. Drinking water,
help to breastfeed as it increases your milk.
It will be.

Do not stop eating at a time to give. 6 meals a day, 3 hours apart
You can feed. Try not to starve for more than 4 hours. In your snacks
light and protein-carbohydrate, vitamin-rich foods
You should consume. Regular and healthy nutrition helps to eliminate edema in your body.
will help.

Pay attention to your layout. Take care to get enough sleep. Your baby
Although it is very likely that you will not sleep, your baby as soon as you sleep
You can predict. In this way, your lack of sleep at night
You can complete.

and try to avoid food that contains dense additives.
Take a break or minimize your coffee and tea consumption
show. It is a great benefit to not drink alcohol and not to smoke.

it becomes more pronounced late and long standing. if
If the weather is hot, edema formation accelerates slightly during this period. Multiple pregnancy
swelling is slightly higher in mothers undergoing.

To spend a healthy and comfortable period, get rid of edema, the mother
It is very important for her to take care of her baby comfortably. So mom, first of all
should be positive and calm. A long
Do not forget to check your doctor while.

swelling of
To decrease;


Take liquid.


Choose clothes.

your feet
Lift up.

what you eat
Be careful.

do not interrupt your controls.


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