How harmful is radiation exposure during pregnancy

How harmful is radiation exposure during pregnancy

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Every woman during pregnancy to her baby
he wants to avoid things that will hurt him. But sometimes he does not know the damage
situations can lead to different problems for her baby. For example radiation
harmful, but not knowing
may be exposed. Even more common is the prospective mother
exposure to radiation before learning to be pregnant. In this case
The remaining mother candidates are quite alarmed if there is any harm to her baby
Want to learn.

First we want to specify
whether the baby is affected by radiation in the first 6 weeks.
the problem is not even possible. If within the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy
have been exposed to radiation and the fetus that has not yet developed has been damaged
With bleeding already occurs low. If you are still pregnant and the fetus evolve
If it continues, it has not been damaged. Radiation disability seen after the 6th week,
birth anomaly and mental retardation.

However, radiation damage
to measure how much dose and how long you have been exposed to radiation.
needs to be known. radiation
The amount can be measured. X-rays of lung, teeth and sinusitis
the amount used is too small to adversely affect both the baby and the mother.
So you don't have to worry if you have these X-rays taken.

But it is repeated
systems, such as tomography, angiography, serial radiographs of the digestive system
procedures should be avoided, if necessary for the health of the mother.
the dose to be calculated should be decided under the supervision of a doctor. Cancer
chemotherapy and radiotherapy used in the treatment of the fetus negatively
effects. If the dose is high, the baby is affected badly and
Since the anomalies will occur, the uterus is also recommended to the family to evacuate
It may be.

Actually in everyday life
radiation on TV, radio, mobile phones and computers.
There. But they are far from harming the mother and the baby.
which is overdose and has no effect.

Week 6 to Week 15
The rate of exposure of fetus to radiation increases. However, the 25th pregnancy.
After the week of exposure to radiation is significantly reduced. Maximum effect
research was observed between the 8th and 15th weeks of pregnancy. So
the period in which the full development of the fetus occurs
is the period.

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