What to eat after birth

What to eat after birth

During pregnancy
balanced nutrition is of great importance for the development of the baby and the health of the mother
It carries. Postpartum body recovery and mother's self and
continue to pay attention to feeding on behalf of the right mother to her baby
must. Below are the foods that should be eaten especially after birth
is located at:

Protein Group

Milk and milk products




Seeds, seeds


Important: Vegan /
If you are a vegetarian, make sure you take the right amount of Vitamin B12
is required. Especially B12 which is abundant in red meat is an animal product.
vegan and vegetarians who do not consume is recommended to take from legumes.
Kinoa is one of the nuclei with high protein content. Especially dark
legumes contribute to the milk production of vegetarian mothers.

Omega-3 Resources

Walnut oil

Flax seeds


White tuna

For the intake of Omega-3
fish are good sources of food. Although the salmon content of salmon is low,
It is not recommended to consume more than 2 times. This is because your newborn baby
exposure to mercury. Many fish in a week
If it is consumed in the following week by selecting different sources of nutrients a balanced
nutrition should be applied.

Whole grain foods


Brown rice




Between food groups
carbohydrates are the group that converts sugar into the fastest energy. Simple on the other hand
sugars perform this task very quickly as soon as the person without energy
Leaves. Therefore, complex carbohydrates should be consumed. For example, your life
It is recommended to consume apples, oranges or bananas if you want sugar.

Vegetables & Fruits

All types of vegetables and fruits
It can be consumed. It is important to consume clean foods after pregnancy. This
immunity booster
It should be consumed. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticides
include: potatoes, leek, strawberries, apples, spinach, nectarines, grapes and peppers. This
it is necessary to wash and disinfect very well before consuming food. that
Apple cider vinegar is recommended for use.

After pregnancy
important is to eat a balanced diet. Balanced food groups listed above
If you apply it to your diet in a way both for yourself and your baby
necessary nutrition will be taken. During this period, the excess taken during pregnancy
to get rid of weight should not be strictly intended. Baby's health and development
In terms of postnatal period, it is essential for the mother to pay attention to nutrition.