What should be eaten before pregnancy

What should be eaten before pregnancy

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Your regular sex life and the same rate as you
If you have a partner who wants to have children, it's time to get pregnant
arrived. To increase your fertility potential, you must first
what is needed is a healthy and regular diet. Folic acid
it is a well-known fact how important her role in pregnancy is.
In addition, there are some values ​​that you need to exhaust.

Top things to eat
Celery: Increases sexual activity in both men and women. All of the glands
cause it to work.

Soy: Increases the body's resistance. 25 g onions and pickles per day
should be eaten with. It opens all the glands.

Carrot: It provides regular menstruation in women. Your body
increases resistance.

Arugula: Increases sexual power. The need for vitamin P and K
Meets. It has many minerals. A cure for anemia.

Cabbage: A complete vitamin, primarily vitamin E
The tank. The more raw it eats, the more effective it is.

Garlic: Helps all the glands work.
Regulates the work of hormones. It acts as disinfectant in the body and
helps to remove germs from the body. Regularly consumed raw
time has great benefit.

Onion: fresh or dried, both raw
It is very useful for the body when eaten.

Cress: Contains plenty of iron. Disinfects the body. Includes C
vitamin and mineral. Increases the body's resistance and hormones
ensures regular operation.

Cauliflower: Contains plenty of vitamin E, protein and sex hormone.
Helps increase sexual power.

Pear: Helps the operation of all glands.

Grapefruit: Vitamin C is a store and all secretory glands
cause it to work.

Palm: Contains phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium, and
Increases the body's resistance.

Lentils: Contains plenty of vitamin B, phosphorus and iron.
Strengthens the body. It prevents depression and has a blood-forming structure.

Chickpeas and dried beans: Vitamin and protein stores.


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