Forgetfulness after pregnancy

Forgetfulness after pregnancy

Maternity process before you become pregnant
It starts. Because a woman wants to feel ready for pregnancy and being a mother. The body and the psychological structure
it must be appropriate.

As a result of the long labor of mother candidates
finally at the end of the ninth month with the world's most beautiful sense of motherhood
He meets and his life is completely different. Well, the pregnancy that changed our lives and
motherhood causes changes in our body, if you need to look at them
it is useful to look at the following information.

Changes that occur after our body

From the moment you get pregnant, you start gaining weight. Weight gain
to develop the baby and your body to prepare itself
There is no boredom. However, if excessive weight is gained, it is
postpartum weight loss will make it quite difficult.

With it all the child needed from the mother
vitamins and minerals
may fall sluggish and begin to experience a lack of a number of vitamins. A pregnant lady is healthy in this process
contrary to popular belief, baby health
rather, the mother is not to remain weak.

Causes forgetfulness after pregnancy
Vitamin B deficiency is one of the major deficiencies. Vitamin B is not enough in the mother's body
mother forgetfulness, attention
clutter and hypersensitivity.

Even forgetfulness
it becomes such that the pregnant lady
search for the key in his hand, go to the kitchen and
without returning to the living room. That's when you feed your mother's baby.
giving him vitamins in himself and his weakness and forgetfulness
are the processes related to the increase.

What to do for?

If forgetfulness is excessive, it makes daily life difficult and
makes negative effects on psychological lives. That's why expectant mothers
vitamin B, both during pregnancy before pregnancy and after birth
folic acid-rich nutrients
mother and babies can continue their lives in a healthy way
is important to us. Another cause of postpartum forgetfulness is excessive
It is fatigue. Therefore, attention should be given to rest.