How should safety be provided during pregnancy?

How should safety be provided during pregnancy?

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Safety during pregnancy is very important. Baby only
not for the mother, but for the mother's life.
measures should not be left. Especially for women who are at risk of adding,
during pregnancy, the mother does not work and rest
is recommended because the risk of miscarriage is high.

The concept of pregnancy was a concept that was thrown back in the past. A pregnant woman
can handle a lot of heavy work both at home and abroad
He could. With the spread of radio, television and internet
The Ministry of Health has to
studies and support began to give positive results.

as well as many for infant health
it is wrong to conceive, wear and tear of women's uterus
understanding of the negative impact on health settled in society. What is today
Unfortunately, we do not have very healthy eating and living conditions. Air,
waters and food are dirty and poisonous. This situation once again reveals the necessity of taking security measures for pregnancy.

pregnant in
Security measures

The motherhood process should be calm, very
running and avoiding strenuous work. Continuous public transport
and pregnant women who have to be in crowded environments
for safety belts
It is used. Do not stand in public transport, in personal vehicles
the seat belt must be worn.

Doctor's mother's health protects and connects the baby to the womb
drugs should be used with caution and should be fed with high quality for a strong pregnancy process. Like cigarettes and alcohol
avoid harmful habits and intensive caffeinated drinks
It should be discontinued. Maximum attention to falls and bumps in late pregnancy
It should be. From sudden movements, sitting or jumping
It should be avoided.

in Hamillek
Why is it important to be careful?

If safety rules are not observed during pregnancy; miscarriage, mother or baby
deaths, additions, disability births or postpartum maternal physical and
such as loss of mental health. Paying attention to safety precautions during pregnancy
is very important for the continuation of healthy generations.

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