Pregnancy pains

Pregnancy pains

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In the early weeks of pregnancy and in the months ahead, near the birth, the mother may occasionally experience abdominal and groin pain for various reasons. There may be various causes of these pain, some of these reasons are insignificant and do not require treatment, while some are important and even require hospitalization. 3 and 4 months of pregnancy. This pain can be exacerbated by moving and suddenly standing up. The cause of this pain is the stretching of ligaments and ligaments around the uterus due to the growth of the uterus. (Round ligament pain) Round ligament pain that develops due to the growth of the uterus is usually on the right side, but it can be on both sides. If such contractions are frequent and severe and do not resolve, you should definitely consult a doctor, there may be real birth pains or preterm labor. During pregnancy, a sensation of excessive pain may occur in the pelvic joints. Ovarian cysts can also rarely occur during pregnancy and may cause inguinal pain due to rupture (torsion). The HCG hormone, which becomes detectable in the blood and then in the urine, increases during the early period of pregnancy, causing the pregnancy tests to become positive. Very rarely, it may extend to the 5th month. Craving should not be perceived as a problem. This is a physiological shield that will protect the baby. Research has shown that craving under normal conditions is beneficial for the baby. When experienced intensively, the loss of vitamins, salts and liquids in the body can lead to deterioration of the balance. Therefore, it needs to be treated. There may be various causes of abdominal and groin pain in pregnancy. Round ligament pain, especially after the 3rd - 4th months, sometimes causes pain in the lower abdomen and groin in the form of sudden knife detection. This pain is now due to the tension of the ligaments around the growing uterus. These movements cause pain because the ligaments around the uterus move and stretch, but the pain is short-lived. Estrogen, which is hormone values ​​in pregnancy, is also the main cause of increased blood pressure. If such values ​​are too high or too low during pregnancy, the doctor should check and take the necessary precautions. Otherwise, both maternal health and infant health can be dangerous. What should be done in women who experience miscarriage or miscarriage in their first pregnancy? In this case our doctors recommend especially progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that is released from the ovaries immediately after ovulation and supports the endometrial layer that lays the inside of the uterus. In early pregnancy, if the part that secretes this hormone (corpus luteum) is removed from the ovary, pregnancy results in miscarriage. Inadequate secretion of progesterone in the second half of the menstrual cycle is called Luetal Phase Failure. However, there is doubt about whether this condition requires diagnosis and treatment and there is no consensus in the scientific field.


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