Suggestions for happy marriage

Suggestions for happy marriage

Experts say that a truth must be known first. Even in the happiest marriages, there may be problems and one spouse may consider leaving the other from time to time. However, according to research, 71% of married couples think that they will spend the rest of their lives with their spouses. There are 7 important things you should know for a happy marriage:

* In order to maintain a healthy and happy marriage, the first thing spouses should do is not to leave themselves for getting married. Most newly married couples gain weight. The weight gain of people who have spouses is increasing by 37%. Therefore, in order to lead a healthy life at the beginning of marriage, it is necessary to acquire healthy eating habits together.

* The second important rule is to make a financial plan before getting married. According to a study, 40% of married couples lie to each other about their wallet. In addition, experts say that the biggest disputes in marriages are due to financial reasons. Therefore, financial rules should be determined before marriage and both parties should follow these rules.

* The rules of home and marriage should be determined from the beginning and together. Both sides may come from families of different structures, and the rules in which they grow may be different. Small problems that seem simple can accumulate over time and turn into big problems. For this reason, some rules should be set at the beginning of the marriage and both parties should follow these rules.

* Experts specify that both financial and general home life rules should be set, adding that they need to be flexible when necessary. Both parties need to know that the rules set under the changing conditions can be changed in some cases and that this is normal.

* Although marriage means friendship, remember that you have friends other than your spouse and there should always be one. You should have a friend to share with you when you are bored or cheerful.

* Experts with children after the last years, they leave the house spouses are more satisfied with their marriage says. Women in particular say that they have the opportunity to spend more time with their husbands after the children's responsibilities have disappeared. Experts say that during this period, the spouses rediscover each other and have a happier time.