Baby Development

19. Week Pregnancy

19. Week Pregnancy

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19th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. ? We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Changes in the Baby - Week 19 Pregnancy

  • All organs of your baby are examined.
  • If the baby's position is appropriate, a detailed heart examination can be performed.
  • Even if it is not certain by ultrasonography, the findings suspicious of chromosome disorders are also searched in these weeks. These are called soft tissue chromosome markers.
  • Binary testing or biochemical Down syndrome screening test 3 and 4 down syndrome screening tests can be done.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 19 Pregnancy

If there is no special obstacle regular exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for your body. As your baby grows, waist and back pain may occur as the spine changes shape and muscle tension. You will benefit from light exercises such as ground exercises, walking and swimming.

Swelling of the legs may occur with the growth of your uterus. The reason for this is the compression of your veins and the slowing of circulation. For these swelling at the end of the day, relax at home in the evening and sometimes raise them with a thin pillow that you put under your feet.

Nutrition Advice in Pregnancy - Week 19 Pregnancy

Adequate and balanced nutrition, consuming appropriate portions of food groups in pregnant women additional vitamin-mineral supplementation there is no need. During the second trimester of pregnancy, milk and dairy products can be consumed 3-4, meat products, dried legumes 2-3, fresh vegetables and fruits 5-8, and cereals 3-7 portions during the day. (Values ​​vary according to the environment and age, height, weight and special situation.)

Vitamin Mineral Supplement Required Conditions:

  1. Smokers and alcohol smokers
  2. Drug users
  3. Iron deficiency anemia in which
  4. When the quality of the diet is low
  5. People who do not consume animal foods
  6. Multiple pregnancies

Travel During Pregnancy - Week 19 Pregnancy

Travel during pregnancy make sure your plans are out of the first and last three months in particular. Before traveling, talk to your doctor and take any medications you may have. In the hot season, use sunscreen creams and consume plenty of fluids. There is no harm in entering the sea. You can choose to travel by plane or your own vehicle at more reasonable distances.

Pregnancy Admission Positions - Week 19 Pregnancy

Ideal position during pregnancy If you're looking for, you can say side by side. Prone or lying on your back may not be very possible during pregnancy. If you lie on your side, both you and your baby will be quite comfortable.
Ideally, lying on the left side, put a pillow between the two legs. This will relax your fetus and your breathing.

Dizziness in Pregnancy - Week 19 Pregnancy

In general, dizziness occurs during pregnancy due to low blood pressure. It usually occurs in the 19th week. HypertensionThere are 4 reasons for low blood pressure:

  • Get up quickly
  • Anemia
  • Sudden changes in blood level
  • Pressure of the growing uterus to the aorta

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 19 Pregnancy

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 19th week! I have some good news for you this week! We've had our triple tests this week, and we've been through all of them, now we can order a dessert and celebrate. Provided you don't eat too much. I'm glad you didn't interrupt regular gait and healthy eating and take good care of me. I liked that you chose the best for me on our 19th week, what did you like the most, Mommy?

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