How to Care for Newborns?

How to Care for Newborns?

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How to Care for Newborns?

In this article, we will share with you tips on how to care for your newborn baby. We've put together her first bath, care, nutrition, clothing and more:

How to care for the baby's umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord allows the baby to exchange nutrients and oxygen from the mother. When the baby is born, this bond should be cut at a certain distance under appropriate conditions. When the baby comes home, care should be continued for a certain time after the umbilical cord is tied and cut appropriately. Dressing should be done twice a day with 70% alcohol and sterile gauze until the belly falls. Mercer or batikon can also be used for dressing. In the case of a bad smell from the belly If bleeding or bleeding occurs, consult a doctor.

Keeping the belly clean and dressing is extremely important, as many germs can enter the baby's body through the belly.

When does the umbilical cord fall?

Umbilical cord 3-20. may fall between days.If the cord falls too late, it may indicate some problems. In such cases, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Will the dressing continue after the cord falls?

There is no need to continue dressings even after the cord has dropped. Cover the belly with a sterile gauze and keep it clean. But bleeding after falling of the umbilical cord If this occurs, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Sometimes after the cord falls yellowish currents visible. This is usually granuloma defined as a residue from the wound. In order to eliminate the granuloma, it must be burned chemically by the doctor with a silver nitrate pen.

When should the baby's first bath be done?

When the baby is born, it is covered with a creamy layer called vernix caseosa. This is particularly noticeable in premature children. This layer has the benefit of protecting the baby's temperature and protecting it from infections. The baby is not washed for the first 2 days this is useful for protecting the layer. The baby should then be washed daily if possible. But until the cord falls navel care after bath infection should be prevented by doing very carefully.

How soon should the baby be washed?

The skin structure of infants is very sensitive since it is not as developed as adults. Pores may become clogged immediately. There may be problems such as rash, rash and mansion. Therefore, daily bathing is very important and soothes the baby. During the bath baby's skin suitable sensitive products should be used.

How should products be used in a baby bath?

Fragrant, perfumed products should not be preferred in the baby bath. After bathing baby lotion or oil is useful for maintaining the skin's moisture balance.

Why is the gas problem seen in the newborn? How to prevent?

You have seen new mothers frequently complain of gas problems. 🙂 Now let's come to the reasons for this…

  • Most of the gas in the intestine consists of air swallowed by mouth and the gas normally produced by bacteria in our intestines. Babies can only be breast milk or during feeding, they inevitably swallow a large amount of air. Therefore, they often have gas problems. To prevent this during suction Reduction of air ingestion It should be studied.

If the baby swallows air while breastfeeding, not only the tip of the mother's breast, but also a significant portion of the surrounding brown tissue is reduced to the mouth of the baby. While feeding the bottle, the bottle should be held at an angle of 45 degrees to the baby's head and it should be observed that the part close to the pacifier is completely filled with food.

The air swallowed by the baby must be removed after each breastfeeding. To do this, the baby should be taken to the lap and patted on its back until the sound of gas extraction is heard.

  • Another reason for babies being too gaseous is that the baby does not work effectively against the gravity of the intestines because of the inability to perform the walking action. Gas extraction is therefore more difficult than in adults.

How is the baby's gas removed?

After breastfeeding, you can bring it to an upright position and gently tap it on its back.
You can do a light cycling exercise on your baby's legs.
You can paw your back by laying it on your lap.
Pay attention to clothes; you can avoid clothing that prevents narrow and leg movements.

What are the points to take into consideration when cleaning the baby's bottom?

Newborn babies Because they have very sensitive skin, their glands need to be changed frequently. Water, pure cotton or special wet wipes produced with pure water and cotton should be preferred for cleaning.

After wiping the baby's bottom, it should be softly wiped with baby cleaning cotton and a suitable baby cream should be used to protect it from the irritating effect of the urine. It is also good to wash the baby's bottom with clear water frequently without using soap.

It should be kept in mind that the baby's diaper rashes if the baby is left without air for a while and may develop mushrooms immediately.

How many degrees should the baby sleep in?

Baby's room 22 Celsius should be. Unnecessarily too hot rooms can disrupt the baby's health. In-room to show proper function of respiratory system around 45% of humidity must be. When the room is overheated, the humidity decreases to 15%. This drying of the respiratory tract paves the way for diseases.

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