Attention to drug use during pregnancy!

Attention to drug use during pregnancy!

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Pregnant mothers often due to some problems drug use faces. Some expectant mothers want to avoid all kinds of medication use.

Some mothers seek a cure for every problem. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Hüseyin Mutlu said, “Another issue is the drugs used without understanding that you are pregnant. While using these drugs, the potential problems of the newborn baby with the emergence of pregnancy constantly disturb the family's mind. "

What are the risks of drug use before pregnancy?

Pregnancy During the preparation of a mother who has decided for the present, it is important to question the existing disease and the drug used continuously.

For example, if a woman who is receiving depression treatment becomes pregnant while taking these medications, the baby is exposed to significant risks. Immediate discontinuation of the drug is not the solution.

Because depression is sometimes aggravated when the mother's treatment is interrupted and treatment is difficult. Therefore drug use in pregnancy is a very serious matter. Families should be informed and guided correctly.

What are the classes of drugs according to their risks?

There is a classification of the effects of drugs on the baby during pregnancy. This classification is made in accordance with the studies and publications. We take this classification into consideration when deciding on drug use during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, because there is not enough work with new drugs, sometimes the decision is made by considering the group of drugs. In America FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration) by A, B, C, D and X groups. Class A drugs are the safest ones, and those in the X group will definitely harm the baby and should not be used.

A group of drugs, pregnant women as a result of controlled studies first 3 months and subsequent months are proven to harm the baby.

Group B drugs are drugs that have been shown to harm the fetus in animal experiments. However, despite the fact that there is no controlled study in women, it is accepted that it does not harm the baby.

Drugs in group C are drugs that have been found to cause some damage to the fetus in animal experiments, or a group of drugs that have not had animal experiments. In humans, no side effects have been shown.

Use of group C drugs in pregnancy can only be used if the benefit is greater than the harm. D group drugs are likely to harm pregnancy. Drugs in this group can only be used if there are no less harmful drugs and there is a life-threatening condition for the mother.

X group of drugs in the womb of the fetus certainly cause some disability drugs. They are forbidden to use in pregnancy and in case of pregnancy.

What are the most risky periods in drug use?

The most sensitive period when the unborn baby is exposed to drugs and other substances starts 21 days after fertilization.

This period, which is the period of organ formation, lasts approximately 8 weeks, ie 56 days. In this period, it is very important that mothers stay away from drug use.

After insemination Drugs taken in 20 days the 'all or nothing' law works. In other words, the affected fetus either disappears or continues to develop without being affected.

Which drugs are common in common diseases during pregnancy?

The most common complaints during pregnancy are infections and pain. It is not always possible to tolerate them during pregnancy.

In the presence of infection, the onset of preterm labor is a greater risk. In this case, it must be treated. Penicillin and its derivatives are drugs of risk group B. It can be used safely during pregnancy. Also used for pain paracetamol group painkillers they are the ideal drugs and belong to the B group.

What are the harms of using herbal medicine?

'Herbal' medicines, which are often taken without a prescription from a pharmacy in pregnancy and in our normal lives, are often used according to the recipe form without consulting a physician as if there is no harm. Pregnant women should not be particularly interested in such substances.

Because without a serious study, it is possible that such drugs which are not known in which environments are produced are more likely to harm than benefit.

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