What are the first words of babies?

What are the first words of babies?

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What are the first words of babies?

When you held your little puppy in your arms, could you imagine it? The little one, who is a part of you, will grow rapidly, take his first steps and even say his first words!

You may not have imagined it at the time, but as your youngster began to develop and you saw that he was doing something new every day, walk your baby and to speak you will realize that you are waiting impatiently.

It has been a matter of curiosity for all parents, especially when your baby will start talking and what to say first.

The happiness of your baby increases many times by imitating and mumbling the sounds she hears by throwing her first smiles, in short, with every sound your baby makes. As a mother and father, you want to witness this moment and hear its first word. The first words of babies, they are often simple syllables that repeat.

However, the moment that parents expect with great enthusiasm, their offspring 'mother' or 'father' the moment they say.

So when do the babies talk first, what does the first say?

Language Development in Infants

Speaking of words and sentences come to mind. However, the sound is necessary for the action of speech to occur, that is, for the letters to become syllables and words as they come out of the mouth.

If your baby can make a sound, it can be possible by hearing them to recognize the sounds.

Babies are sensitive to sounds from the moment they are in the womb. Especially in pregnancy 6. months and after the little ones, they begin to distinguish mothers' voices from other external voices.

This situation continues after birth, when the baby can distinguish the voice of the parents from the sounds of the strangers around.

In short, as long as babies do not have any health problems, their voice perceptions are clear and ready to learn. But this is obviously not enough for them to talk.

For babies to learn to speak provide language development It is very important.

Language development in infants; Hearing, imitation, understanding is achieved through the realization of such concepts.

The baby develops in the form of first sounding letters, then converting from a vowel to a simple and improvisible syllable and finally imitating these syllables by resembling the words they have heard before.

What are the factors affecting language development?

Your baby's language development depends on several factors.

  • Gender: When the concepts of speech and gender come together, 'Girls talk before boys.' We seem to hear you say. However, there is no scientific evidence for this.

The effect of gender on language development is observed only in terms of stimuli. Female babies react more to voice stimuli than male babies and interact more with their environment.

The effect of gender on language development is observed only in terms of stimuli. Female babies react more to voice stimuli than male babies and interact more with their environment.

Male infants react more to visual stimuli.

  • Hearing perception: Your baby is born as a complete copycat. Babies are highly developed by their nature to mimic what they hear.

This feature plays a very effective role in your baby's learning to speak. Babies, unheard of and unfamiliar a voice or word suddenly they can't tell themselves.

Therefore, it may be delayed for children with hearing problems to speak their first words. your baby Through hearing perception it is important for him to learn the words and try to make the same sounds by imitating them.

  • Contact: The children of the parents who communicate with the baby during the day, chat with them and encourage them to speak, speak their first words much more quickly.

A baby left alone, with every need seen in a monotonous way, does not need to speak. Because every request is already being fulfilled and the baby is lazy to talk.

However, communicating with your baby and trying to chat with her even if you do not understand her will improve your vocabulary and help you to recognize more sounds.

  • Family structure: The structure of the family in which your mini is present is also important for children to talk. If you have a large family structure, you are less likely to communicate with your baby, and your pup may speak later.
  • Physiological status: Children; Speech may be delayed if there is a problem with any of the vocal organs such as tongue, palate, vocal cords.

In addition to all these factors; where the baby grows social environment, family socioeconomic and socio-cultural status and the mental state of the baby.

Developing speaking skills in children You can watch our video.

When Do Babies Say Their First Words?

Your puppy starts to make its first sounds within the period of 3-6 months. In this period, it is observed that they discover the lip letters such as m, p, b more quickly.

Therefore, it is easier for your baby to pronounce words that consist of repeating syllables like 'mama' and 'baba'.

Babies They are 6-9 months old they try to use the words they have heard and learned more frequently during the period and make the act of speech a part of their daily lives.

Introducing the objects around the child and clearly re-naming their names during games or eating, drinking water, going for a ride will help you to hear your puppy's first words more quickly.

Well, babies when mom says? It is not known whether they say mother first, but From 6 months to 18 months While the mother, the father is quite likely to call you saying.

When Can Your Baby Start Talking?

So that your little baby can start talking language and speech development needs to be completed. You start to hear repetitive syllables on language development.

These syllables combine to a meaningful word such as 'grandfather', 'mama' and 'mother come!', 'Father take!' It is a step-by-step process that can be transformed into small sentences consisting of one or two words.

Especially the first time parents are the most curious question, 'babies talk how old? ' It is the question.

When you consider that your child can say words like grandparents, mama, father, baby or horse, mother, car with the same syllable or similar syllable, the use of short sentences is 12-18 months and the period after.

Depending on the effect of factors that play a role in language development, this period may begin a little earlier or later. Your child health problem If not, you can speed up her speech by trying to make her talk more.

18-24 months and children can start speaking more quickly.

Babies' First Words

Your baby, who sometimes makes meaningless sounds, but uses exact words in some moments, may prefer to say some words before, thanks to its physiological and genetic predisposition. Atta, this (instead of water), come, take, mister, car, mama, baby, yes, no, father, mother, me, ball, bun (instead of nose), go, like pineapple words made easier babies first words between.

Good morning, no, hello, much, more, bye to your baby often using common words and phrases of everyday life, such as using your baby's first words, you can expand the vocabulary much easier. With these words, your baby's speaking process will also improve positively.


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