Book Advice for Children to be Brother

Book Advice for Children to be Brother

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A new sibling is coming cümle This sentence essentially means many necessary changes, the order being turned upside down and the differentiation of the usual life.

The change for children may not be as fun or exciting as adults. Because children love order and habits, they belong to themselves they feel safe in order.

The books I am going to talk about today will help parents especially in the new sibling process 🙂


Writer: Contact İrem directly

Illustrated by: Contact Gizem directly

Publisher: Epsilon Publisher

Age: 2+

We talked about how the children can feel it in a very short time when there is a change in the order in the house. In this book, we have a hero who feels that there are some changes in the order in the house.

So, what changes?

For example, that his mother now has a big belly. to sleep much or move more slowly realizes that it has started.

Moreover, he used to play games everywhere, but now he has difficulty sitting on the floor. Could this change have been caused by him?

Our hero thinks for a while, but the real reason for this change is very different. Yes, a new brother is coming. Sure, he can't decide if he's happy or upset about this news. As it stands, many emotion exchange He lives.

My brother is coming, telling us what a child can experience in the new sibling process. At the end of the book, there are great suggestions about what you can do in this process.

5 suggestions to minimize sister jealousy! Would you like to review our article? Click the link below.

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Writer: Rocio Bonilla

Illustrated by: Rocio Bonilla

Translated by: Contact Halil directly

Age: 3+

What is a kiss, Rocio Bonilla, whom we know with the world's Most Beautiful Book Mountain, fun brother story.

Especially the subject of the book is as great as the way it is printed, because one side of the book is your sister; the other side is going through the eyes of the brother.

As soon as you saw the cover, you guessed how the story started. Yes, we have two brothers who complain about most of their behavior.

For example, sister does not like her brother constantly damaging her things and making jokes. His brother doesn't like returning home with his sister and constantly telling him what to do.

In short, they both feel uncomfortable with each other's behavior, but whenever one of the brothers goes somewhere, has a problem that cannot be solved alone, is afraid, and thinks that they have more fun together, they realize how much they love each other.

Isn't that sometimes just being a brother?


Best Sister, My Brother

Writer: Georgie Birkett

Illustrated by: Anthea Simmons

Publisher: Mikado Children's Publications

Age: 2+

The book speaks of a sister's thoughts about her younger brother, who has just arrived in the family. So much so that her new brother can't do many things like running, climbing trees, saying please or thanks, brushing her teeth, singing, painting.

Sometimes there are times when he doesn't want his little brother to be near him, but whenever he looks at his face with a smile, he feels he's the best brother.

A delightful story from Mikado Kids with its big, colorful visuals and few scripts.

You and me

Writer: Elisande Roca

Illustrated by: I Guria

Translated by: Contact Mehmet directly

Publisher: Tekir Book

Age: 3+

A new little boy is coming home. Yes, great news for you m Does your child feel the same as you? In a new process you will experience, sometimes the books tell us what we cannot speak and what we cannot say much better.

You and Ben are one of the books that should be in your library during this new sister process.

Wondering how his brother will look from the moment he learns that he will be his brother, is excited when he chooses his room, asleep after his birth thinking about what you want to hugis very sweet when she cries when she cries, but she is upset when she thinks that her interest has been lost one day and she feels a emptiness in her, and when she is sad she tries to solve the problems in her head by asking questions to her family, The story of a very naive child.

What about me?

writer: Emily Johnson

Illustrated by: Spike Maguire

Translated by: Contact acar directly

Publisher: Net Book

Age: 2+

One day, while Berk is sitting at home with his grandmother, his parents come home, but this time they have another little pink wrapped in a blanket.

As soon as he sees it, he realizes and “I don't want brothers” saying. Although his family tries to support Berk in this regard, it is uncomfortable for him to take a little interest in his younger brother.

Could Berk need more time to get used to his new brother?

Sidney and Stella can't share anything!

Written and Illustrated by: Emma Yarlett

Translated by: Contact Zeynep directly

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz Publications

Age: 3+

Sidney and Stella are twin brothers who don't have much in common but spend every moment together. Sure, don't be fooled by the fact that they spend time together, because these twins can't share anything.

One day, the ball cannot be shared among themselves, but the ball jumps out of the window, goes up to the moon, and that's CATA!

The moon is divided into thousands. At first they try to ignore that no one will notice that the moon has disappeared, but when they wake up in the morning they realize that this is not the case at all.

They need to find a new month right away. But can these two brothers, who never agree, succeed in finding a new moon?


Alfons, this is not true at all!

Writer: Daisy Hirst

Translated by: View Esin's Full Profile

Publisher: Nesin Publishing

Age: 3+

At a time when you gradually declared your independence in the house, when you were the sole owner of toys and things, a tiny thing emerges at once: The new brother… A new partner for the things you have, the toys, and even the order you have established!

Alfons, This Is Not True, The Story of Two Brothers, Alfons and Natali. A brother named Alfons joins the family after Natali.

Although it is difficult for Natali to make sense of this process at first, contrary to what is thought, she does not complain much about Alfons. He even likes to name birds, listen to stories and throw toys down the bunk.

Of course, Alfons, from time to time based on the authority of being small, sketches Natali's paintings, eat his favorite book is not only to prepare little surprises that will annoy him. At the end of the day, no matter how angry they are, they are united in the happiness of being brothers.

My Mother's Voice

Illustrated by: View Deniz's Full Profile

Publisher: Always Book

Age: 3+

Another book that you can use in the process of the new sister is the sound inside my mother, with warm drawings that are dominated by pastel tones.

In this story, which is a silent book, a child is excited to see his mother's belly growing day by day; we will be playing together with his brother, playing games, fishing, and swinging on the tree.

Dear Deniz Üçbaşaran's successful drawings, a story of loving siblings waiting for each child to touch their dreams.

Baby Down Baby Up

Writer: Jonathan Shipton

Illustrated by: Francesca Chessa

Translated by: More professionals named Ece Özkan

Publisher: Word Feeds

Age: 3+

Emily, a girl who loves to make lists on everything. He makes a list of everything he likes, dislikes or even worries about. He learns that one day he will have a brother.

This time, he creates a list of concerns that a new brother will create in him. She thinks no one will care about her anymore, especially when she has a brother, Emily.

But his mother and father are both aware of his feelings. They even try to help Emily get rid of her worries.

Describing how important family communication is, Bebek Aşağı Bebek Up is a pleasant, warm family story that can help you in the process of waiting for your new brother.

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