4-14 April Czech Campaign!

4-14 April Czech Campaign!

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April warms our hearts with its blooming leaves and blooming trees… There is one more thing in April that warms the parents and fulfills their joy! 4-14 April Czech Campaign What is this Czech campaign? What are the details?

Earn 200 TL for every 200 TL Shopping!

The campaign, which gives you 50 TL gift voucher for every 200 TL or more purchases, is available in all ebebek stores, e 'and ebebek mobile applications!

If you still haven't downloaded ebebek mobile apps.  

From here for your iOS device.

You can download it here for your Android device.

So how can you use this campaign? Let us offer you category, product product suggestions immediately!

The April Czech campaign is tailored to get your equipment needs!

Doesn't it sound perfect to buy a 350 TL gift voucher by buying the baby plus Hero Travel System stroller?

If you need a Park Bed, how about earning 100 TL gift voucher when buying your park bed?

Baby plus products that offer high quality and performance at affordable prices will be your favorite in our April Czech Campaign!

You can start exploring baby plus products that offer functional products in many categories such as equipment, breastfeeding and nutrition: //www.e- / baby-plus-b1994 /

Diapers are one of the biggest needs of doll houses!

Cloths are also a great idea for the campaign that gives you 50 TL gift certificate for every 200 TL shopping!

Using diapers to meet your diaper needs or to complete your shopping for 200 TL and its multiples can give you lots of gift certificates…

There is a need for baby care and hygiene products like diapers…

Baby shampoo, detergent, granular soap, liquid bottle cleaner and puerpera pad, including many products in the care category is waiting for you between April 4-14!

If you would like to discover and plan your baby-care products at ebebek, click here: //www.e- / bath-care-c3765 /

The car seat is both a legal necessity and a must for safety when traveling…

All car seats sold in ebebek will give you different vouchers in different amounts!

For example, did you know that if you buy Advansafix from Britax Römer products, you will earn 550 TL gift certificate?

Click here to review Britax Römer car seats sold at ebebek.

Does the baby end up at home? not over!

Main arms, swings, high chairs are essential products…

Turkey only in ebebek Joie, stylish designs are offers at budget-friendly prices ... in the April campaign gives gifts to take one of these products. What more?

Sansa from Joie products earns 200 TL, while Mimzy LX Feeding Chair earns 100 TL!

Which Joie product is ideal for you, which will save you how much? Click to learn now: //www.e- / joie-b2509 /

The check campaign on April 4-14 includes discounted items!

Products excluded from the campaign: Bottle formula and Stokke products…

It is the perfect timing to meet all your needs except products!

Finally, we wanted to compile all the details of this beautiful campaign and answer any questions you might have wondered:

Campaign Conditions:

  • 50 TL Gift Certificate Promotion for every 200 TL shopping is valid between April 4-14 in our e and ebebek stores.

In which situations the Gift Certificate will be awarded? *

  • 50 TL gift voucher will be earned for every 200 TL shopping to be made at a time in selected products.
  • The Gift Voucher promotion is also valid for discounted products.
  • 50 TL for purchases between 200 TL and 399 TL
  • 100 TL for purchases between 400 TL-599 TL
  • 150 TL for purchases between 600 TL-799 TL
  • You can earn Gift Certificates in amounts between 200 TL and 800 TL for purchases between 800 TL and 999 TL.
  • You can shop as many as you want until April 14, 2019, you can earn Gift Certificates when the conditions of the Gift Certificates are met.

In which cases will the Gift Certificate not be awarded?

  • The products in the bottle food category and Stokke branded products are not included in the promotion.
If these products are included in your purchase, check earnings are calculated based on the remaining amount.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
If your shopping cart includes other promotional products, check earnings are calculated based on the remaining amount.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be earned with the total amount of purchases made on different dates.
  • When shopping with Gift or Point Voucher, checks cannot be earned again.
If you use checks in your purchase, the check gain is calculated over the remaining amount after the check is deducted from the total amount.
  • Promotion cannot be used for bulk purchases made for commercial purposes.
All our campaigns and promotions are made for the benefit of different parents.

How to Use Gift Certificates

  • Gift Certificates are valid for 30 days from the date of order. (Unused Gift Certificates will be canceled during this period.)
  • You can use your Gift Voucher in ebebek stores, e 'and mobile applications.
  • Gift Certificates can be used for all purchases without a lower limit.
Can be used in Mama, Baby Diapers, Stokke branded products.
  • Gift vouchers won in Internet shopping cannot be used on the same day.
Gift certificates will be active after 1 business day.
  • Your voucher will be sent via SMS after your order is completed.
  • You can view your earned Gift Checks in the “Checks & Coupons” field under the Özel For Me ”section.
  • The total amount of products in your cart must exceed the check amount you wish to use.
  • ebebek reserves the right to change the product, price and campaign conditions without notice.

We wish you a peace of mind that will meet all your needs with peace of mind!

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