Don't stick the pacifier in dessert!

Don't stick the pacifier in dessert!

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Pacifiers given to babies, inaccuracies in the use stages, may cause major problems in terms of oral and dental health in the future Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) Faculty of Dentistry Department of Pedodontics Assist. Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Küçükeşmen, ”Soaked in honey or pekmez or cleaned in the mouth of the adult after falling down to the pacifiers given to the child, causes children to have dental problems at an early age.

This causes the formation of microorganisms in the child's mouth. ” As from infancy, they said that they could face dental caries problem. Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Küçükeşmen, tooth decay, mothers unknowingly milk molasses, honey, sugar or spoons that they put in their mouths to the mouth of the baby said. Children have a delicate structure, so that the mouths of adults should never be introduced into the mouths of babies who expressed Küçükeşmen, microorganisms in the mouths of mothers or caregivers carried to the baby and said that it causes caries.
Some pacifiers may also disrupt the mouth structure

One of the most common mistakes of mothers is to give the baby's mouth to the pacifier by dipping sweet food Küçükeşmen, sweeteners produce bacteria that cause tooth decay in the mouth, he said. Adding honey, molasses or sugar to the milk during night feeding is also harmful for dental health. .

At night feeding, such sweeteners should not be put into milk and after feeding the baby, the baby's mouth should be rinsed with water with a bottle full of water. ” The shape of the pacifier in oral and dental health can affect positively or negatively Assist. Assoc. Dr. Küçükeşmen, babies will not disrupt the mouth and palate structure, orthodontic pacifiers should be preferred reported. Küçükeşmen gave the following information: em Pacifiers were produced that would not cause pushes.

With their production, the baby's dental health is further protected in terms of jaw structure, because other teats are more swollen and more space-occupying in the mouth and palate, which can lead to forward thrusts. Over time, these can lead to jaw disorders, which we call jaw opening and closing. ”

Source: Milliyet Newspaper

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