What should be considered when swimming during pregnancy?

What should be considered when swimming during pregnancy?

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On hot summer days, we all have vacations in mind, right? When it comes to holiday, the sun, sand and sea come to mind first. Especially swimming is our passion. What about pregnant women? Do they have to be deprived of the pleasure and chance of swimming on hot summer days? Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Alper directly “No,” he says, “swimming is the most convenient and useful sport to do after pregnancy. It has positive effects on both the circulatory system and the muscles. ”

Even the dream of leaving the bodies heated under the hot sun to cool waters causes many of us to move away from the working environment, albeit for a short time. Some of us are a little lucky. They can use the pools either at home or at sports clubs or hotels. Swimming is a very useful sport for everyone as well as for pregnant women. Kiss. Dr.

Alper Mumcu explains the reasons: esnasında During swimming, all the muscle groups in the arms, legs and abdomen are activated. As the heart rate and the oxygen intake increase, so does the oxygen supply to the baby. The factor that makes swimming the most appropriate sport in pregnancy is even more important: no danger of injury. Indeed, it is almost impossible for a person who knows how to swim, to injure himself in the water, fall and crash. Another advantage is that one feels weightless. This is especially important for women who are late in their pregnancy from a psychological point of view. In addition, sweating in water and the body is not possible to overheat much of this kind of exercise eliminates the negative effects. Few studies have shown that women who swim regularly during pregnancy feel less tired, sleep better, and cope more easily with the mental and physical stresses of pregnancy. ”

Don't skip these points

There are some points to consider when swimming during pregnancy. The most important of these is not to enter the waters that are not sure to clean. For this reason, it is useful to prefer the sea instead of the pools used by too many people. Dr. Mumcu says: kadınlar Women who regularly float before pregnancy can continue their previous programs. However, the first time after conception they will have to be a little more careful going into the sea. First of all, before entering the water, the body needs to warm up, swim slowly and gradually increase the dose. For those who are in the first 3 months of pregnancy, 20 minutes a day is enough to swim. In this period, swimming early in the morning reduces pregnancy nausea and vomiting and helps to spend the rest of the day more comfortably. In the second quarter, water supports the joints and ligaments and helps to reduce back and back pain. In this period, previous swimming habits may continue. Recently, there is no harm in continuing to swim. However, the body does not squeeze more, designed for pregnant women need to use swimsuits. Cultures made on land can be carried out in physical movements in water. This has the advantage that it prevents sweating and overheating. Optimal depth of water at the nipple level when performing culture physical movements. Of course, this rule applies when swimming. Especially women who have cramps frequently should swim at depths not exceeding height. In the event of a possible cramp, care should be taken not to enter the water alone to get help. You should not hold your breath while diving again for a long time. By following these simple rules, all pregnant women who do not have problems in pregnancy such as bleeding, danger of miscarriage and early opening of water can swim until birth. ”


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