Return to life after birth

Return to life after birth

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The days after birth are not much easier for new mothers. From this process to nutrition, sexual life, breastfeeding to return to work on many different issues are caught in the minds of mothers. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Tevfik Yoldemir shares the points of interest.

Nutrition and Diet

Approximately 9 kg in the first 4 weeks after birth. You will lose. To lose weight enough to wear your old clothes again, this can be encouraging. Be patient. If you maintain a balanced diet that you started in pregnancy in accordance with your weight, you can catch your normal weight in a few months.

If you are breastfeeding, you will need extra fluid, calories, calcium and protein. A breastfeeding mother needs extra food to produce milk for the baby in addition to her own body needs. (It should add about 500 calories more energy to the calories it needs before pregnancy.) If you are eating a balanced diet, it is very easy to add the extra foods needed for breastfeeding.

Especially important for nursing mothers, calcium can be obtained from milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. If you do not like milk products, your doctor may recommend other sources of calcium for you. You should stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and medicines that may harm your baby through milk.

You will need to stay at home for a while before you return to work after birth. After the birth of the baby, you need to consider certain factors when deciding when or whether to return to work. You must take into account the options available for childcare, the cost and, of course, your money. If you are breastfeeding, you may prefer to use breast pumps. You can begin to learn the technique of use This will also allow your baby to get used to sucking from the bottle. Breastmilk can be stored for later feeding when the baby is not present in each feeding.

Employers offer working mothers more options and are more tolerant. Many women work part-time or share a full-time job with someone else. Some employers provide care for babies and toddlers in the work area. So you can see your baby at rest intervals and between meals.
Sexual life

Sometimes you may not be as interested in sex as before birth. You and your partner's fatigue can be a major cause of a lack of interest in sexuality. Your changing roles as a new parent can lead to emotional confusion that reduces our interest in sexuality. The baby's wishes can also affect you.

Before sexual intercourse, you should wait for the complete recovery to prevent damage to the intact tissues. Talking with your spouse and discussing it with your doctor before you have sexual intercourse can help you not to misunderstand each other.

If you feel ready to have sexual intercourse, you should do it slowly and gently. You may be afraid of pain. You can try different positions by trying to choose a time you are not in a hurry. Many women believe that they are above their spouses, that they have more control over themselves and that they can provide free movement. Thus, women are able to concentrate and relax more quickly. This diminished lubricity is a normal response to your body. This may continue until your first bleeding or breastfeeding is over. During sexual intercourse, you can use a water-soluble cream or gel.

If you have problems, you and your partner should talk about it. Once or twice a week, you should stay alone even if the baby is not with you. Be careful not to talk about your home or baby at these special times. Talk about yourself and each other. Rediscover the first event that brought you together. Remember that there are other satisfying ways to share sexual feelings, such as caressing, touching or hugging.


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