7 fun baby shower games/activities

7 fun baby shower games/activities

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Its always tricky to find the right baby shower game/activity that everyone, including the guest of honor, can enjoy. I've seen a bunch of new and fresh ideas and I'm including 7 of my favorites. They're definitely not your ordinary baby shower games and some might take a little time for preparing. But... completely worth it!

1. "Guess Whoo" – I always love seeing baby pictures of my friends. Totally CUTE! Tara Guérard of Soirée put together a fabulous baby shower where she designed a board displaying all the different baby photos. She also had beautifully printed "Guess Whoo" cards for your answers. Check out Tara's shower now.

2. "Celebrity Guess Whoo" – Just like the "Guess Whoo" game but with celebrities instead. This is a wonderful idea if you don't have time to gather everyones photos before the big day. You can find "Celebrity Guess Who" photos here.

3. Photo Booth – Here's a great way to capture all your friends and family in a very fun and relaxing way! Set up a beautiful backdrop, provide some funny props and let your guests have a ball! You can also have a book where everyone can leave special notes for the mommy and baby. Here's a vintage-inspired baby shower with a photo booth you'll love to replicate!

4. Baby Girl Hair Clips – In case you're friends are very crafty, you might want to set up a fun activity where they can actually make something for the baby. And... SO SO PRETTY! Here's a basic tutorial from Prudent Baby as well as a baby shower where guests got a little crazy with their hair clips. Good Crazy!

5. Decorate Baby Onesies – Another crafty activity! Buy a bunch of different sized onesies for your guests to decorate. Provided scraps of fabric, an iron and ironing board and a iron-on adhesive for guests to use to decorate. Here's a great tutorial on how to make these personalized onesies from Kelly G. Robson Design.

6. "I Spy" Game – I saw this idea for weddings (from Asheville Event Co.) and thought it would be perfect for baby showers too. Why not? It's such an adorable way to get everyone involved. And, who knows – maybe they'll even capture your favorite moment. All you need is some disposable cameras and the "I Spy" game, which is available for FREE download (in 4 different color themes)!

7. "Name That Baby Tune" – I saw this idea from and I actually went to a baby shower where they played this game. Oh-so-entertaining and such a crowd pleaser. Check out their site for even more fun game ideas.

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