Dear Baby Girl: The day you met the Duggars

Dear Baby Girl: The day you met the Duggars

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Dear Baby Girl,

How's it going in there? Sorry about that cinnamon Red Hot I had yesterday. Won't happen again.

Good news... the doctor says you're now the size of a well-ripened eggplant.

Bad news... it's only going to get more cramped in there, so enjoy the eggplant phase while it lasts.

I'm sure you're just a little curious about all the activity going on out here. Or, translated into 'fetus talk': Has it been a bumpy ride this last month? Actually, I know the answer to that. It's a resounding YES. Let me explain...

You move into your new home (let's call it birth) in about 10 weeks (TEN WEEKS?!?) Your other mother and I still can't believe it. Sometimes we feel like we're just kids playing 'grown-up' with jobs and a house and this pregnancy. But then you'll kick and suddenly it's all so real and so exciting.

Anyway, my sweet dear, while you're sitting pretty in that uber-comfy waterbed of a home in m'belly, I'm out here preparing the proverbial welcome mat for you. We're getting your room ready (unpacking gadgets I can't pronounce, organizing a closet you won't be able to reach, babyproofing an apartment you haven't even moved into yet). I'm also trying hard to stay in shape (power walking, swimming, yoga, strength training... I've found there's actually a pretty substantial correlation between sweat and sanity).

I'm also still working at the TODAY Show, and that, for a little while longer, means flying. I just flew to Arkansas this week (on a small plane with poor cabin pressure. That's probably what freaked you out... I've never felt you kick so hard before).

We're here shooting a story with the Duggars, the family with 19 kids... yeah that wasn't a typo. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children. Can you imagine having 18 siblings? We're not even sure about a second kid and here's a family that wants to expand on 19. But there's so much love in that household, so much respect for the brothers and sisters, I walked away confidant we'd like to give you a sibling. Though, let's first have you and cross the sibling bridge when we get to it.

The one piece of advice I took from Michelle Duggar, mother of 19, grandmother of 3, is this: Enjoy every last second of every last moment because it all goes by so quickly. One day you're in diapers, the next you're in day school and then it's off to college.

That being said, tonight, I'm thoroughly enjoying the heartburn you're giving me. I'm enjoying every last drop of it. Thanks, babygirl.

More to come.



Jenna Wolfe (@jennawolfe) is chronicling her pregnancy for TODAY Moms. Follow her journey on

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