Are Bleeding Normal During Pregnancy?

Are Bleeding Normal During Pregnancy?

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Bleeding during pregnancy normal or not? Dogan Hospital Gynecology and Health Specialist Opr. Dr. Serdar Kayın shares this answer with you.

: - Is bleeding normal during pregnancy?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile Bleeding in pregnancy should not always be considered an abnormal condition. However, bleeding is not normal. Whatever the cause, a prospective mother with bleeding should seek medical attention immediately.

: - Causes bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile Occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy the bleeding more than half includes the possibility of abortion. In other words, mothers with such bleeding are in danger of losing their babies. This can cause serious problems and dangers for the health of both the mother and the baby. For this reason, the expectant mother should consult her doctor as soon as possible.

: - When is the threat of miscarriage mentioned?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile bleeding induced abortions usually occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. If partial bleeding occurs in the first three months, consult a doctor in case of miscarriage. There is a possibility that after the first three months it is low. Abortions that occur after 3 months are usually due to cervical insufficiency. In this case, the cervical suture should be applied at 3 months.

: - Causes bleeding in the second half of pregnancy?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile pregnancy Bleeding in the second half is very rare. Bleeding during this period may occur due to sexual intercourse. It does not cause much negativity. However, it is useful to consult a doctor in case of premature birth.

: - What kind of assessments are made to the mother presenting with bleeding complaints?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile Bleeding The mother who comes with the complaint is examined by ultrasound immediately and gynecological examination is done. If low, retention abortion is performed. After the 7th month, preventive treatments are applied.

: - When is blood loss considered dangerous?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile Blood loss as a result of bleeding is dangerous if the patient is shocked. In non-pregnant, half a liter of bleeding in 5-10 minutes creates shock and fainting. During pregnancy blood volume increases by 50% because the body prepares itself. 3-4 liters of liquid accumulates in the distance between cells. Therefore pregnant women bleeding more resistant to That is why women are called nine living things. As a result, bleeding should always be taken seriously and should be consulted immediately.

: - If the bleeding is too mild or spontaneous, should it go to a doctor?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile Of course. Regardless of the nature of the bleeding must be taken seriously and consult a doctor.

: - Is there a connection between gestational age and bleeding?
Op. Dr. View Serdar's Full Profile Although there is no direct link between gestational age and hemorrhage, the probability of hemorrhage increases in future pregnancies because of the high probability of miscarriage.


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