Stocking stuffers for your little one

Stocking stuffers for your little one

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  • As the holidays go into full swing, get ready for those incredibly sweet photos of your baby's first Christmas. Shopping for everyone's favorite new family member is fun, too, but small stocking-stuffer-level gifts can be hard to choose for little babies who can't safely play with most toys yet. Here are 6 sweet options that may just win you some toothy (or gummy) baby grins.

  • Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toys

    Bath time can be one of the happiest times of a baby's day or the moment when crankiness turns into actual crying, and a trusty bath toy can make all the difference. Babies find Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles, which bob on the surface of the water and contain small spinning charms, positively enchanting, and the bubbles give them something to slap at and chase so mom or dad can get the sponging done.

  • Philips Avent Ultra-Soft Snuggle Pacifier

    Pacifiers make babies feel more contented and help them sleep better, but keeping a pacifier actually plugged into your baby's mouth involves more paci hunt-and-retrieve time than most parents would like. Make it much easier for babies to hold onto their soothing suckers with the Ultra-Soft Snuggle, a plushy stuffed animal with tabs to attach that keep pacifiers close at hand, even tiny hands – you'll never have to pick up a rolled-under-the-couch pacifier again.

  • SmileFrida the ToothHugger

    After baby teeth come in at about 6 months, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents brush their child's teeth twice a day, making sure to pay attention to both the front and back. That's easier said than done when you have a cranky little wiggler trying to evade your toothbrush ministrations. SmileFrida's ingenious design makes the process easier, with two brush heads angled perfectly to clean both sides of your baby's teeth at once, getting a tough job done in literally half the time.

  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

    There are so many things your baby can teethe on, and believe us, she will. But she probably won't love any of them as much as she'll love Sophie, a toy that originated in France but has found a home in the hearts (and busy hands) of babies stateside, too. Sophie's kindly expression makes her an instant friend, and the rubber is just the right softness. Now that you know about her, you'll see her everywhere, attached to strollers by the dozen at playgrounds and parks.

  • Fisher-Price Unicorn Rock-a-Stack

    The concepts of one-into-many and many-into-one are reliably fascinating to babies, who love any toy that encourages them to collect and sort. Babies 6 months and up can handle and chew on these four colorful rings with unique textures (ribbed, bumpy, smooth, and soft fabric), which stack together on a rocking base that makes a jingling sound as your baby bats it back and forth. For extra magic, this classic stack is topped with a cute unicorn.

  • Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit Activity Toy

    Babies smile the minute they look into the goofy, friendly face of this colorful activity toy … and then they get to work, because Manhattan Toy's classic Whoozit gives them plenty to do! Babies love squeezing the Whoozit's soft fabric arms, topped with "hands" in different shapes – some of which make gentle crinkling sounds when pressed – and lifting up Whoozit's fuzzy nose to see a tiny view of their own captivating face in the little mirror beneath.

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