Your 4 1/2-year-old: Building healthy habits

Your 4 1/2-year-old: Building healthy habits

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Your 4-year-old now

Your preschooler is absorbing all kinds of messages from you about nutrition. Here are some ways to reinforce good habits:

  • If your child guzzles milk or juice at will, steer him away from the habit. Fruit juice doesn't have the fiber of whole fruit, and it often contains added sugar your child doesn't need. If you do give juice to your toddler, limit it to 1/2 cup a day. Otherwise, give your toddler milk at meals and water in between. Limit milk to no more than 2 cups daily. Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D but low in iron. So if your toddler drinks too much milk, he won't get all the nutrients he needs. Serve low-fat or nonfat milk at meals. (That way, your child still gets calcium and vitamins without the fat).
  • Make chips and sweets special treats rather than regular snacks. Instead, always have a supply of healthy snacks, such as sliced fruit (eaten plain or dipped in yogurt), whole grain crackers and cheese, or pita bread paired with spinach dip or hummus.
  • Don't expect your child to sit at the table longer than 30 minutes. Don't force him to finish his vegetables or clean his plate. Help him associate mealtime with sharing good food and pleasant feelings, not tense food battles.
  • Prepare and offer nutritious meals and snacks and let your child decide what – and how much – he'll eat. If he skips a snack or refuses a meal, let him wait until the next scheduled mealtime instead of catering to his whims. He won't starve.

Your life now

Want to endear yourself to a favorite babysitter? Be fair. Don't suggest a lower rate for the hours when your child is sleeping; the sitter's time is worth the same amount whether she's playing a board game with your child or doing her homework after bedtime.

Be specific about expectations, and tell her how much you appreciate her help. Round her fee to the next full hour. Offer bonuses for holiday work. Leave good snacks. And don't stay out later than you said you would without calling to alert her.

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