What should you do if your child swallows a foreign object?

What should you do if your child swallows a foreign object?

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Swallowing foreign bodies, especially between the ages of 1-3 years, is a common problem in children. The most common respiratory substances; nuts and nuts such as nuts, small grain fruits such as plums, small toy pieces and coins. Sudden breathing with swallowing liquid or solid substances into the respiratory tract. It is easier to remove liquid substances from the mouth by cough, while some of the solids can be coughed out, but it is more difficult to remove. How to tell Foreign bodies entering the respiratory system can be understood by coughing and wheezing. If your child has difficulty breathing, if there is reddening or even bruising on his face, the object escaping to the airway may cause suffocation. Foreign bodies pass from the mouth to the esophagus sometimes hangs here and sometimes progresses to the stomach. These substances are very dangerous as they can cause poisoning, perforation in the stomach, and most importantly, sudden death by breathing. What can you do?If your child has swallowed a foreign object, you can: Tilt it first and hit it on the back. In the meantime, since there will be exhalation, the object will be ejected. If there is bruising and your child has difficulty breathing, put the knee down with the upper body down. Striking between the inside of the hand and the shoulder blades will promote coughing, making it easier to remove the substance. However, if the object has not come out, if it has advanced to the larynx, do not try to remove it by hand. Take him to a hospital immediately. How is it detected?When foreign body is swallowed, radiological examination is used as a diagnostic method. With the help of X-ray, the location of metal objects can be easily detected. However, endoscope support is needed for objects such as fabric and plastic. The aim of the endoscope is to remove the object without damaging the body in a short time. If the foreign body has left the stomach, the child's feces are observed and the child is kept under control until the foreign body moves away from the body. Do not leave the measure by hand1- Do not leave small objects within the reach of your child. 3- Children should eat while sitting in a chair together with adults. 5- Give the food to your child after removing the seeds. 6- Do not leave your child alone against possible choking hazards while eating.


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