How Do You Strengthen Your Child's Immune System?

How Do You Strengthen Your Child's Immune System?

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Immune system without it, even the smallest virus infection could have killed a human being.
As we all know, the immune system is extremely important in leading a healthy life.
Especially when it comes to children's immune systems to work well and well-trained to be able to provide a better life for a lifetime. However, in today's world, many children in developed countries grow up in sterile, clean environments and eat clean foods.

Immune system training it is important to combat infections, and so the immune system reduces the likelihood of autoimmune diseases (such as crohn's and ulcerative colitis) and allergic diseases, where their own weapons are turned into their own weapons.

According to the hygiene hypothesis put forward by the British doctor Strachan in 1989, when children are not exposed to virus fungi and bacteria, allergies, asthma, eczema The likelihood of such diseases is increasing. Asthma seems to be much less in families with children. The higher the hygiene, the higher the risk of eczema and allergy.

Immune system an amazingly dynamic mechanism with both killing virus germs and fungi and memory function

Is there a way to strengthen the child's immunity and to educate them from birth? Can we both reduce the likelihood of infection and reduce the risk of diseases such as asthma allergy? As with most things in medicine, there is no 100 percent definite answer to this problem. However, what we know helps us to develop a road map to strengthen the immune system from infancy. Let's first look at the facts we know about this subject. Then we create our road map.

• Nutrition is very important when the immune system consists of very complex units and performs very complex functions. Especially protein, vitamins and antioxidants that we call fitonutrients, omega 3 fatty acids

• Useful bacteria important in the education of the immune system. There are millions of beneficial microorganisms in many parts of the body, especially in the intestinal flora. Their presence is necessary for the immune system to fulfill the memory function. These bacteria are increasing in infants who drink breast milk and with fermented foods. Antibiotics and cleaning materials can damage this flora.

• Vaccination is very important for the development of the immune function of the immune system.

A child ever with disease body resistance does not develop. They must encounter diseases. Overprotection brings harm rather than benefit.

Then improve our child's immunity It turns out that a road map looks like this:

1- Breast milk

(Both active and passive immunity has an incredible benefit. If possible, I think children should be breastfed for two years. The effect on the immune system is diminishing in the second year but it is present.)

2-Decreasing sterilization

It is appropriate to completely sterilize the environment for the first 3 months and not to bring the sick people closer to the child. Then, it is useful to gradually reduce sterilization. Children should be taken to fresh air every day from 6 weeks. This is important, even for 5 minutes.

3-Early start of fermented foods

Starting fermented foods such as yogurt early to strengthen the flora.6-7. It is suitable to start in yogurt as months. Kefir can be given little by little since infancy. In this way, the baby's immune system strengthens the memory function. )

4-Avoiding antibiotics as much as possible

Unnecessary use of antibiotics, correct indications, but only when bacterial infection is suspected.

5-Supplement with probiotics

Studies show that regular probiotic use may be protective during periods of upper respiratory infections and gastrointestinal infections.

6-Vegetable foods

From the infancy of the child to take vitamins in vegetables and fruits fitonutrinetleri.
Consume organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible during the season.
Vitamin intake if the intake of vegetables and fruits is not enough.


7-Balanced nutrition

Children from the small patience and junk food without compromising the habit of balanced diet. White sugar is the enemy of the body and immune system, remember.


Vaccination is very important because we do not want our children to gain natural immunity against many childhood diseases and we cannot afford it.

9-Do not use too much chemicals at home.

Natural cleansers such as Arab soap are preferred. Do not use strong products such as bleach. Keep in mind that cleaning agents can also cause bacterial resistance and play a role in the development of allergies.

10-Avoiding excessive protection of children

Please pay attention to where you are very protected,patient If there are children growing up in a very sterile environment that are never approached to people, they become more ill. Moreover, as if this is not enough, they develop more allergies and asthma. our children let them grow up comfortably, dress according to the weather, and mix regularly with other children.

Let them grow up healthy


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