Are Women With Diabetes Pregnant?

Are Women With Diabetes Pregnant?

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Diabetes women who are suffering from a healthy pregnancy and to have a healthy baby, starting from the beginning of pregnancy must be under the control of experts. Acibadem Diabetes Center Dr. View Yaser's Full Profile answers the curious questions.

: Is it possible for women with diabetes to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: Diabetic patients who know how to live with diabetes and have regular controls have no reason not to have a healthy baby. However, there are some points to be aware of before and during pregnancy. During pregnancy diabetes The incidence of the disease is between 5% and 9%. The relationship between diabetes and pregnancy is an important issue. Thanks to advances in diagnosis and treatment, thousands of diabetic women have had a problem-free pregnancy have healthy baby. Before the discovery of insulin, the major problems that exist for both mother and child can now disappear. Today, conscious early treatment methods can minimize the side effects of the disease and the risk of death of the mother and child.

: Although there are no complaints before pregnancy in some mothers can be seen in diabetes. What is the reason of this?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: Due to the physiology of pregnancy during pregnancy, some hormones are secreted more than normal for the development of the baby. Increased pregnancy hormones in pregnancy (Beta HCG and HPL) plays a role in the formation of diabetes. In this respect, it is especially important for expectant mothers with diabetes to consult with their diabetes doctor and gynecologist.

: What are the effects of diabetes on the unborn baby?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: Rising blood sugar passes directly to the child through the placenta. In this case, the pancreas of the child is constantly stimulated, resulting in a rapid increase in the child's weight. This situation, which causes large baby birth, is actually Type II Diabetes seeds. If these children are not paid attention to nutrition and exercise, they become overweight and diabetic. In addition, the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, pregnancy toxemia (premature hypertension) and premature separation of the placenta increases, especially when blood sugar levels are uncontrolled.

: Who is at Risk?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: The increase in hormones during pregnancy is seen in all pregnant women. However, pregnancy diabetes occurs only in some women. It is possible to list them as follows:

* degree relatives with a history of diabetes,
* Overweight or fat ones,
* Previously 4 kg. and who have babies on them,
* Those who have previously had stillbirth and abortion,
* Those who have had “Gestational Diabetes inde in their previous pregnancy,
* Hypertension (high blood pressure) and those with high blood fat,
* Those aged 30 and over,
* Those who have been said to be “secret candies,,
* Polycystic ovary problems

: How is the diagnosis made?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: It is not difficult to diagnose diabetes during pregnancy. For this, the pregnancy should be done between the 24th and 28th week with a screening test of 50 g glucose. At any time of day, the test measures the blood glucose value after 1 gram of 50 mg sugar dissolved in water. Ise If the blood glucose is less than 135 mg / dl 1 hour after glucose loading, the screening test is considered negative and the possibility of gestational diabetes is avoided in the pregnant woman. ”However, in the presence of the aforementioned risk factors (pregnancy diabetes in the previous pregnancy, large baby, advanced maternal age, family history 50 g sugar loading test should be performed in early pregnancy and then, 24-28. should be repeated between weeks. If the blood sugar is above 135mg / dl, the pregnant woman should be given a second sugar load of 3 hours with 100 g glucose. Mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy are given 75 grams of glucose loading test at the end of postpartum period. Although this test is normal, the mother should be aware that the risk of developing diabetes in later pregnancy or later in life is 30-50% higher than in other people.

: What is the treatment?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: Women who suffer from diabetes during pregnancy need to be kept under expert control. In fact, women with diabetes should be followed up and taken into treatment program a few months before conception. Patients with diabetes during pregnancy are initially monitored for pregnancy and a personalized exercise and special nutrition plan is applied. Insulin therapy should be initiated to optimize blood sugar in cases where control cannot be achieved despite a follow-up of one to two weeks. During this period, the mother should take a blood glucose meter and measure blood sugar 7 times before each meal, 2 hours after meals and at bedtime.

: Is Insulin Used in Treatment?

Dr. Yaser Süleymanoğlu: Patient and relatives insulin addiction or harm to the child, such as various wrong information. We say that insulin therapy is a natural and physiological approach. It is extremely safe for mother and child. The wrong thing is that the pregnant woman is pregnant, to leave blood sugar uncontrolled during pregnancy and not to be under control, and to face problems that threaten the life of both mother and her child. However, research conducted abroad shows how effective insulin use plays in preventing possible complications. Accordingly, pregnancy 24-34. Between 1000 weeks of gestation, 1000 pregnant women with diabetes had less birth complications than those who were routinely followed up.

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